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adidas Rose 773 III

Here is a new detailed image of Derrick Rose’s team model. Look for the adidas Rose 773 III to combine a clean design with solid performance at an affordable price. Check out the tech specs here. Share your thoughts below.

Image via AaronKnows

  1. Pretty sad that they won’t be using boost on this one. But I think it’s my first time seeing and EVA Midsole bold open. Or is that really an EVA Midsole?

      1. Thanks! I’m still thinking if I would wait for these, or would just cop the Rose 4.5. I guess I would still have to wait for the performance review. Or wait again for the Rose 5.0

  2. Probably Sept and for sure Oct, unless they do a USA edition for “if” he makes the team.
    He’ll make the team regardless even if he shouldn’t have been on it for the Asian fan base he has over seas, it’s a business after all.

    The PG position is loaded more so now then ever before.

  3. Rose is going to be rusty, but Bull’s management have basically planned on him using this for good, solid, competition, with out pushing him to hard; which I think the “pysch” issues had to do with the Adidas commercials telling everyone he was coming back after all star break. He knew he wasn’t ready then.

    I could definitely see Team USA wear a team Adidas shoe and the previous Team USA shoe was the 773 as well. However I think there;s a strong chance, we will see D Rose in boost early on.

    We saw him near the end of the season wearing the 5.0 in warm up’s I am definitely expecting from a business aspect they’d put him on the team, After all no CP3, Rose has the fans- worldwide. I’d think the NBA wants Rose back as he single handily changes the entire Eastern Conference.

    Fans will be much more likely to watch team USA to see Rose run and gun. Bull’s preseason numbers were the highest of any team last year. I’m not sure the last time a player of that caliber has suffered such a injury. Even more so, a MVP, failing to return the following year.

    Last I heard Rondo was not going to be playing, nor was Westbrook at that time- so hopefully we get to see D Rose return to form and get some Boost Hooping in before our leauges start as well ^-^.

    However, he 773:3 looks much more complete, and last time Adidas put out the team USA shoe it was a 773 Rose Team Model, however I could maybe see Damien or Conley, whoever get’s chosen wearing a Team shoe- I still fully expect D Rose to rock his signature shoes, since it’s been.. well we all know how long its been.. but he is a huge sneaker head and has been according to Adidas “very hand”s on with this shoe. Much like the 3.0 which was fantastic and we saw more colorwaves than we have with anything. I know I would be DVRing any chance to see Rose returning to form and every game we get that features Rose.

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