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adidas Rose 773 III – Performance Review

adidas Rose 773 III - Performance Review-5Traction: 
The traction used on the 773 III is flat and not very pliable, meaning that it will perform well outdoors, but leaves something to be desired indoors. On a clean court, the traction has no problems, but when you throw dust into the equation things can get a little slippery. Dust can get clogged in between the tight traction pattern that is used, and the stiffness of the rubber doesn’t cover you as well as you would like, especially in the forefoot area which is less than ideal for guards. Outdoors, however, the Rose 773 III performs perfectly with no complaints. Thanks to the flat pattern and hardness of the rubber, the traction will hold up for a long time outdoors while still covering you during all movements. 

adidas Rose 773 III - Performance Review-7Cushion: adidas utilizes their adiPrene+ foam in the forefoot and it provides a low to the ground and responsive cushion setup. Those looking for a plush setup should reconsider, as the Rose 773 III uses minimal cushion in exchange for great court feel. This cushion set up is ideal for guards or anyone quick on their feet that prefer court feel over impact protection.



adidas Rose 773 III - Performance Review-2Materials: Using synthetic leathers on the upper make the Rose 773 III very durable, but at the same time a little stiff. During lateral movements, my foot experienced discomfort where force was being applied (lateral mid-foot). I recommend looking for the colorways that use a nubuck material along the upper; nubuck material should be more pliable therefore making it less stiff and more comfortable during use. Both the nubuck and synthetic leathers found on the upper of various Rose 773 III colorways are durable and should make for a great outdoor basketball model.


adidas Rose 773 III - Performance Review-3Fit: From the forefoot to mid-foot, the Rose 773 III locks you down like a glove giving you a very secure fit adequate for players who stay on their toes. The ankle and heel areas, however, have some minor issues in the fit department. This model could have really used adidas’ GeoFit technology to secure the ankle and give an added layer of comfort with its molding capabilities. The ankle collar flares out which is great news for those who wear ankle braces since the extra room provides a more comfortable fit, but for those who do not wear ankle braces the fit is insecure and loose. While there is an external heel cup, the heel lockdown isn’t perfect and allows a little heel slippage that doesn’t pair well with the loose fit in the ankle area. Had these problems been fixed, the Rose 773 would have had an extremely well rounded fit, but the missteps in the heel/ankle create unwanted distractions on court for the user. 

adidas Rose 773 III - Performance Review-4Ventilation: Since heat rises, the Rose 773 III features an extremely breathable mesh tongue that allows a lot of heat to escape during use, while perforations found all around the upper create a decent amount of air flow to keep you nice and cool on court. Whether you are lighting it up in the gym or heating up the black top, the Rose 773 offers ample ventilation and air flow during use without sacrificing structure, durability, and support.



adidas Rose 773 III - Performance Review-1Support: adidas implements their Sprint Frame chassis system that allows your foot to stay centered and lower to the ground. Sprint Frame has been known to cause pinching for wide footers in the mid-foot area, but in the Rose 773, this is not a problem since adidas shaved down overall length of the Sprint Frame. More support is added thanks to the materials found on the Rose 773 III, and while it may cause some discomfort during lateral movements, your foot is almost guaranteed to stay on the foot bed where it belongs. While a GeoFit system would have been nice to help the external heel cup be used to its full potential, the overall support on the Rose 7 III is adequate for any type of player especially quick guards. 


adidas Rose 773 III - Performance Review-6

Overall: Sitting at a retail price of $115 USD, the Rose 773 III offers a decent price that ballers in the market for an outdoor hoop shoe should consider. Thanks to the great ventilation, as well as durable materials and tough outsole, the rose 773 III is a fantastic option for outdoor ballers. Quick guards and players who mainly stay on their forefoot, will get the most out of the Rose 773 III due to the targeted ADIPRENE+ unit, as well as the great lockdown and fit in the forefoot/mid-foot area. Overall I would highly recommend the Rose 773 as an outdoor model, and recommend it as an indoor model for those who are looking for anything under $120

Rose 773 III Score Card

  1. Thanks for the info, will probably pick these up for outdoor use while the crazy light boost will become my indoor shoe

    1. Buying a pair from Ross for $30. Don’t sleep on Ross and Marshalls plus patience. Awesome review especially because I was looking for an outdoor shoe. Time to go play right after this.

  2. Thanks for the review. Nice to see a shoe built well for outdoor ball. Saw these yesterday. They look OK. I think they would have been much better with the synthetic leather of the Rose 4 Boardwalk’s. They look too plastic-y. The cushion is a deal breaker for me. All of the Adidas shoes I’ve tried recently without boost just dont work with my knees. Traction really isn’t a top priority. Fit and Cushion are. So I’ll pass.

  3. Disappointed. I was looking forward to this, hoping it would be a good enough option for indoor and outdoor, since I’m on a budget and can only get one pair of shoes. I would love the traction for outdoors but the cushion doesn’t work for me outdoors since I’m jumping.

    1. If you’re on a budget for one pair then check out the hd2014s and if that is too expensive check out the hd2013s

  4. Thanks for the review Nightwing! I actually have the Adidas Pro Model 0 as outdoor model for Adidas. Would you stick with these or go with the Rose 773 III for the black top?

  5. A very accurate review and a big thank you. Everything you said was exactly true from my experience as well. Thanks again for not holding back on the negatives which many other reviews do and for explaining why the designers may be doing certain construction features for what purpose. 5 stars for a thorough review.

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