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adidas Officially Reintroduces the Crazy 2 (KB8 II)

adidas Officially Reintroduces the Crazy 2 (KB8 II) 1

They’re a little late to the party, but adidas has officially announced the reintroduction of the Crazy 2 – known to us older folks as the KB8 II.

Two colorways are available now at various retailers for $130 and they’ll be on adidas.com on July 1st.

Press Release:

The black-purple and purple-white OG colorways get you ready to take on the outdoor courts and reminisce back to the 90s when the Crazy 2 ushered in a new era of basketball superstars to the game. The throwback design showcases the bold atheistic of the decade with features like the herringbone outsole and aggressive wave shaped upper molding. The midsole features a see-through mesh panel that illuminates adidas’ three stripe logo. Wide set laces lock the foot down while Feet You Wear technology supports the foot during fast cuts, helping players feel the court better and respond quicker.

adidas Officially Reintroduces the Crazy 2 (KB8 II) 2

adidas Officially Reintroduces the Crazy 2 (KB8 II) 3

  1. Hi nightwing, tks for sharing this information. Look forward to the performance review from you~

  2. I didn’t think they’re allowed to use the ‘Feet You Wear’ terminology. I thought that they didn’t have right to it anymore? People have also said in previous models that it’s not quite the same as the original versions.

    Apart from that, these sounds good, especially when they mention the word “outdoor”. That’s an easy way to grab my attention.

    btw what shoe were these released after? Is this the model that came out after the ‘Crazy 8’? It wasn’t a Kobe signature shoe, was it?

    1. They were his sig but it was the KB8 line. Then they rebooted his line with The Kobe series. There’s also no way for you to edit your comments here, I can do it but users can’t. Not sure why, that’s just how the layout is.

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