The adidas JHarden 1 Gets Leaked

The upcoming adidas JHarden 1 has leaked onto the Internet and it gives us a good look at what to expect once the sneaker becomes available.

Materials are a mixture between knit and synthetics. The shoe features a very similar build to the adidas CrazyLight Boost 2.5 from last season, and reminds us a bit of past sneakers such as the Converse Wade 1 and the Air Jordan 2010. Full length Boost is used for the cushion. It’s exposed on the medial side while the lateral is double-last at the forefoot and caged within a TPU frame at the rear — much like the recently released adidas Crazy Explosive. Traction is pretty wild and we’re hoping it works well.

You can see two colorways below in a blackout and Rockets color scheme. No word on a release date or price, but once the information is made available we’ll be sure to update you.

In the meantime, check out what the JHarden 1 has to offer and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.
The adidas JHarden 1 Gets Leaked 1

The adidas JHarden 1 Gets Leaked 2

The adidas JHarden 1 Gets Leaked 4

The adidas JHarden 1 Gets Leaked 3

The adidas JHarden 1 Gets Leaked 5



    1. Just by looking at it, I think it’ll feel the same as the Crazylight or Rose 7 boost. Its good, but I want more forefoot boost as well.

  1. Nike be like : ” Alright let’s make a new signature and put 10mm rectangular zoom in the forefoot that can’t be felt”.

    Adidas : “Alright guys let’s give James Harden full length boost and some cool looking traction pattern”.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA yeah it totally reminds me of crocs somehow, however If it performs well and if they give it a good price for a 1st sig then I’m in.

  2. I’m very curious to see how that traction pattern will do. The design reminds me of the converse wade1/ d lillard 2 hybrid. Full length boost, can’t wait for the performance review on these.

  3. the traction sure do looks to last outdoors … well i hope so … but still the shoe’s dope !!!

  4. Looks like forefoot will have Zero breathability and may cut into the top of your foot at the flex point. Otherwise not as inspiring or exciting as any of the 3 other Adidas drops this year.

  5. I honestly think they look awful. Adidas other offerings are much more appealing. Maybe different colorways or pictures will change my opinion.

  6. Lol when i sas the last pic i thought that its going to have a boost insert bcos of that white thing on d back haha.

  7. Lol when i saw the last pic i thought that its going to have a boost insert bcoz of that white thing on d back haha.

  8. The upper looks soo simple, kinda lacking in design compared to the CLB2016,

    The traction looks very good and looks deep so it would last longer, BUT no continental logo.

    1. If its not Continental or adiwear, adidas shoes tend to have very soft rubber, to the point where it even wears out quickly indoors. Thats the achilles heel with adidas shoes today, It think. Maybe it helps the traction, but you can make good traction with durable rubber; hell, the Crazylight with Continental had killer traction. adidas needs to realize that people in the real world can’t have a new shoe every game like an NBA player. It needs to last a while.

  9. looks like bad news for wide footers. and i’m pretty sure they’ll change a lot before they are released. they don’t look ready.

  10. Those look like cross between the tmac 3 and dame 2. I like the white toe pair. Looking forward to clear pics, tech specs, and reviews.

  11. D Wade 1 all over again
    So far, not a fan of how the forefoot midsole looks like. It’s encapsulated in rubber, which will probably be pretty hard compared to the soft TPU they used in Crazy Explosive

  12. God. The toe is awful. Like a rain boot. We all see the Wade influence. Designers should be embarrassed. Is the toe supposed to be his beard? Too much influence and inspiration. Make a good shoe mfers. This will be $40 at Ross in no time.

  13. Lol I guess J Harden really did have input in his shoes. Only way they can come out looking like that.

  14. This shoe is made for “euro steps” (the move that Jharden always use) ..Just looking at the protection they put on the toe box..

    1. Idk harden been doing that for years in other shoes and they didn’t have to have that around the toe but you could be right.

  15. I see a little yeezy influence for some reason. I can see why people are saying wade and Jordan 2010 too. Either way, these are ugly af imo….I expected something more loud for hardens sig and less ugly. I am always pretty positive about new shoes but I am just really disappointed in these so far.

  16. Looks like a very early prototype, but I guess the plan is to have the lowest-riding Boost option. Could be cool.

  17. Ehhh, that big toe cap reminds me of like some hunting boots/crocs. Also if the laces only go that far down, there may be some dead space in the toe box. BUT I’m going to start doing what Zak Kerr said. Always go a half size down with adidas models. In my experience, I totally agree with that.

    1. Going to have to disagree, if you’re seen the rest of our reviews, all of the shoes fit different.
      The company needs to find consistency in their fits, that’s the biggest thing.

  18. Traction does not look good to me. looks like it doesn’t have the right amount of flex to grab the floor. They look a lot like the Crazylight 2015 2.5! Aesthetically, even though the pictures aren’t great, they are not very appealing to me. Boost is always good, but I’m a little worries it will feel very repetitive and not like a new signature. Nothing wrong with what they have now, I just don’t want too much of the same thing.

  19. These are super ugly. And the traction is basically the KD 9 except the the “honeycombs” are deeper and more geometric

  20. Aesthetically, thumbs down. As for the upper’s function, they kept it simple. Lookin like neoprene plus leather only so i think they’ll fair pretty well. Cushioning, well, it’s boost; boost is beast. Traction looks shallow and wont grip the floor. Overall i expect these to cost less than all the other top models released so far.

  21. I see a Lil lillard in their an if it wasn’t for the harden logo might think it was his next sig

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