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adidas J Wall

We finally have a good look at the upcoming adidas J Wall, and I’m liking what I see.

The upper looks great and comfortable. I love playing in mesh and woven uppers so long as they can contain your foot well then I’ll be happy. Traction is interesting… but not in a bad way. They look like they can do their job, maybe not outdoors but indoors they should be solid. I’ve tried to decipher what the cushion could be but I really can’t tell. Sort of looks like a modified Boost but it could also just be me seeing things. If adidas sticks with their typical EVA over Boost then I’ll personally be miffed/ disappointed.

These look leaps and bounds better than that horrible first look we had a while back. What do you guys think? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

adidas J Wall 1

adidas J Wall 2

adidas J Wall 3

adidas J Wall 4


  1. Here’s why I think it could be boost. Even though J. Wall was not in the Boost promotional commercials for Adidas, It was probably because the signature was not unveiled yet.

  2. It doesnt look like standard adidas foam. Hmm atleast there should be adiprene in this, if this is modified boost this could be interesting.

  3. I like this new stripe placement by adidas. The old one with the 3 stripes in the back just got too old and boring.

  4. That would be awesome if its boost. Not only for this shoe but it would also show they can camouflage boost and NOT have it look like Styrofoam. If it isn’t boost this is an easy pass for me. I’ve tried to give standard Adidas shoes a chance (Rose 4, Rose 4.5, Crazyquick 2…..) and my old knees simply need more plush cushion.

  5. ALSO. The traction is also very unique. I’ve seen an image where the bottom of one shoe says
    “WA” and the other one saying “LL”

  6. they do look like the way of wades, especially the lacing system…
    i like them a lot, and wall is one of my favorite players, looks like i’m gonna have to give these some thought.

    1. You are right, good catch. Someone up top said that the other shoe’s outsole has the letters “WA.” We see the left shoe bottom in one of the picture, but that is the kicker because English reads from left to right. Suppose this concept is still on though, the other shoe would also contain the western half of the states.

  7. Yep. It’s gotta be some kinda boost setup for the midsole or else why have it exposed full length? These go hard tho. Isn’t the purpose of the sprintframe to contain the heel? It looks like it ends at the back so I wonder how good the heel lockdown will be…

  8. When this will be release??the upper look similar to DRose773 3..i like the way they put the 3stripe and JWall logo…

  9. The upper eyestay is just lyk the crazy strike. The middle eyelet like an adaptive fit thing. As well as the midsole. It would be pretty similar with the crazy strike. Or even d12’s.

  10. It looks like they got lazy with the design as it looks too much like the rose 773 III. Excluding the traction.

  11. Sooooooooooooo much better than the “first look”, because I know it isn’t all about the looks, but man with so many nice kicks coming they will look great and most importantly PREFORM great! I was going to pass on these. Now, gimmie the right C/W and you can just “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!”

  12. These look dope as hell. I’m very impressed. I thought adidas wasn’t going to put a lot of effort for wall but these look surprisingly well done. I’d pay retail for these

  13. Not bad, still sorta reminds me of the d rose 773 iii . Also, what’s up with the Aaron knows on the red pair?

  14. The more I look at these the more I dont think its Boost. It looks more like the cushion setup the D-Rose Englewood 3 uses with some texture added. So I’m guessing its going to feel like you’ve tied bricks to your foot. I really hope I’m wrong.

  15. The shoes look great. I agree with you about how confortable the upper looks, however, about the cushioning, I think is Molded-EVA with these waivy pattern for compression. It is just a speculation, but if so, id be trully disappointed too.

  16. It doesn’t look like Boost to me. If they were able to modify it by adding colour and also that wavy pattern, I doubt they would have chosen this shoe to use modified Boost for the first time.

    It’s probably just EVA and the wavy pattern is supposed to be like a W for aesthetic purposes.

  17. quite nice looking. but come on Adidas, no pure motion no boost or other adi signature featiures except Adiprene?

  18. The midsole looks 3D printed like the New Balance Fresh foam. It’s great how adidas is introducing new midsole tech, im honestly now bored with EVA Lunarlon and zoom.

    Im also glad this isnt boost as court feel would be much different. My guess this will feel a lot like fresh foam, between micro G and lunarlon.

    Btw for comparison i run on mizunos and find the boost on running a little unstable on the edges for me.

    1. Hi NoQ,

      What is “Fresh foam”? Is that a newer tech from New Balance, or is that just an EVA foam with 3D printing on the side? I haven’t worn a pair of New Balance for a long, long time, and the pair I did have were just walking shoes for work and they were probably one of the worst shoes I have ever worn, so I never bothered trying anything of theirs since.

      btw I’m looking to buy a pair or two of running shoes and I was looking at Asics. Mizuno is also another brand I was interested in. Have you ever had an Asics shoe to compare? If not, what model/s Mizuno do you recommend? How does their cushioning system feel?

      1. Hey ice!

        Fresh foam is a new NB compound, where the 3d printing on the side provide varying support for pronation. It’s supposed to be their softest foam but my bro says they are firmer than lunarlon. Any case he loves his pair especially the 4mm low heel to toe offset. He runs 10k once a week

        Mizunos have firm, responsive cushioning in general and a high offset (14mm or so good for my calves and achilles personally). Their wave plates gives inherent response and suppoort much like sprintframe or flightplate which i like due to my plantar fasciitis. I chose zunos over asics because of the plate. I tried the kayano 20 and the gt 2000-2 which i think are both good support with cushioning. Dont get the gt 1000 very shoddy materials. As per my friend the gt2000-2 is the value for money pair.

        I settled with the Mizuno Enigma 1 and 2 for my 5k runs. Most cushioned among the zunos yet are pretty stable. Inspire 8 and 9 also have rabid fans in my city.

        Look at lunarglide 6 and pegasus 31 as well, lowest price compared to zunos and asics.

        Overall the trend now is structure lightweight but cushioned. Hope this helps!

        1. Hey NoQ,

          Thanks for the reply. What kind of runner are you, pronation wise? I’m actually only getting into running, so not sure what to start with. I’m trying to pick my shoe based on what type of pronation I have. Not sure if that is the right way to pick a running shoe, but that is what I’ve been going off of.

          I have medium/high arches, so from what I’ve read, I think I’m either a Neutral or slight Under Pronator. I was looking at the Asics Nimubs 15/16 or the Cumulus 15/16 as I don’t think I need stability shoes such as the Kayano 20s or the GTxxxx line. Is it actually OK to wear shoes like the Kayano 20s or GT2000-2s if they are geared for over-pronator type of runners? Any idea with that kind of stuff? Would that be bad?

          I might have a look at some of those newer New Balance shoes, but the pair I had for work really put me off them almost for good. They really were that bad. They also weren’t cheap, they were $150/$160 shoes.

          I’ll also have a look at those Mizunos that you recommended.

          1. You can try the boosts as well u might like them. Energy is for neutral and adistar is support.

            It’s best u get ur gait analyzed. I have high arches but upon checkup apparently i pronate moderately. Before that ive been buying neutral shoes which led to some pains. Now despite my high arches i use support shoes.

            Mizuno online has the best gait analyzer as well, it makes u do some exercises othe sotes don’t and i found it more accurate.

            Since you are starting, i would suggett a trainer or a little support. As your feet gradually get stronger you can then switch to a more neutral shoe so u can increase your speed. This can help prevent pains.if i started with supportive shoes i think my neutral (at that time) gait would not have deteriorated to overpronation.

            I also have a neutal new balance 1080v3. Same price as the enigmas but the mizunos build quality is above. The new balance 1080v3 cushioning is quite responsive yet plush, but the toe is too flexible for my feet.

            For your asics picks get the more expensive nimbus, the materials will last you longer.

            Try out the boosts you may love em 🙂

          2. Hey NoQ,

            I checked out that Mizuno Precision Fit that you mentioned and you’re right, it’s by far the best gait analyzer that I’ve seen. That’s the one that you used, isn’t it?

            After completing it, it said I’m Neutral in every category except one. I got an over-pronation mark for heel striking, other than that, the rest of the tests said neutral.

            I ran through it twice (I changed the answer to one of the tests), and it recommended I get the Wave Prophecy 2 in the first test and the Wave Creation 15s in the second test.

            I’ll look into a pair of Boosts, but to be honest with you, I never would have even given Adidas running shoes a second of thought if they didn’t come out with Boost foam. I really am not a fan of their regular EVA foam cushioning.

          3. Hey ice yeah that’s what i used and i did vary my answers as well haha I think the bot will automatically recommend the top models for your pronation, but their cheaper models like the enigma, rider etc are no slouch and actually better if you weigh less than 200lbs. Fwir the prophecy and creations suit heavier runners but are too firm for light to mid.

            Please mind that mizunos are inherently more stable even for their neutral lineup. Next step is to checkout runnersworld. For example my enigmas are neutral but the stability score is 87, versus my neutral NB 1080v3 which are 67.

            My friends told me to get older models especially those with sprung upward toes. Glad i listend to them as the old ones are still available and cheap! And the new ones without the spring toe are quite clunky in transition.

            If mizunos suit you well they may end up being your fave’s. But some of my friends prefer asics. Really depends on our unique physiology 🙂

          4. Hi NoQ,

            I’ve still been looking at running shoes, still don’t know what to get.

            I’ve bought Asics performance Basketball shoes a few months back and I really like them, so that is probably the main reason I want to try their running shoes first. So I still want to try Asics first, then maybe Mizuno next time.

            I probably shouldn’t get their runners though because of the price gouging they’ve got going on in Australia. Asics Australia (I think they are the ones behind it) have also restricted us from getting them shipped into the country, so I can’t even buy them directly from the US at a cheaper price and have them shipped to me here.

            I have to use a third party to buy them from the US and have them sent to me. Here’s an example of the price difference. Brand new Gel-Kayano 20s cost $250 at their retail price here, but Eastbay have them at $119.99 on sale right now and also I can use a 20% coupon to make them even better value.

            Like someone else told me a week or two ago, I shouldn’t buy Asics runners and reward them for ripping us off here and placing restrictions on letting us get them from overseas. They’ve actually blocked pretty much all overseas stores from selling us the shoes directly. Not just US stores, but also stores from other countries like the UK can’t sell them to us.

            I also have some more questions about the shoes themselves. You mentioned weight. I don’t weight much, probably around 150lbs, so what does that mean? How does a lighter person pick the right shoes? So you’re saying the more expensive models are too firm and suited more for heavier runners? How do I know which shoes are more suited for people under 200lbs?

            I did input close my weight in that Mizuno precision fit and it still recommended those other more expensive models though, so that is why I am not sure.

            Also, you mentioned shoes that have the toes sprung upwards? Why is that better?

  19. John Wall’s shoe line probably won’t have any boost YET! Maybe adidas is going to see how the crazy light boost and the New DRose perform in the NBA and the reception it gets to see what tweaks they can do with the technology.

    I’m expecting something before the all start weekend, new shoes for John Wall and Dwight Howard with full length boost.

  20. I really dig the outsoles! Also, I like the creative vertical 3-stripes; it kinda looks like a “W”…intentional?

  21. I really think this is boost. When I got my new eastbay magazine the other day, and there was a fold out page advertising boost, and john wall was on it. Coincidence?

  22. John wall prefers courtfesl. Boost doesn’t have many traction options. WAll is going best said A rose 4 feel. Pure motion. Crazy quick will continue w wAll colors Adidas hopes to improve boost other trracrion ect

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