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adidas J Wall White/ Black/ Gold – First Look

John Wall’s adidas signature may have a White/ Black/ Gold colorway. This is reported to be just a sample as of now, but a colorway like this will most likely make it to retail.

I don’t like staring at a bunch of pre-release teaser pictures. I want to see the real thing. But we all have to be patient, as no official release date has been announced.

Share your thoughts below, and stay tuned to WearTesters.com for upcoming release info on the adidas J Wall.


    1. The less fortunate kids whose parents can only afford 1 shoe per year, aka the majority of the market.

  1. The day they make a Full length boost B-ball shoe…. O_O its will not only be a 100% cop, but a Holy Day. I tried on a boost casual or running shoe (cant remember) not to long ago, and it was THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOE I’VE EVER WORN. I’m on the taller side so I really appreciate more cushioning. This looks good tho. but regular foam wont cut it for me anymore, not after seeing and trying on what adidas is capable of.

    1. Apparently the Boost is likely to not be as soft as what it is like in the runner you tried on. That’s what someone said about the RG3 Boost trainer. The Boost isn’t the same as it is in their runners. It should still be much better than the regular EVA though.

  2. I actually hope this shoe is in the early stages of development and wont be released soon. Hopefully they will listen to the overwhelming push for them to use boost and change the shoe. I remember when the Rose 5 was first shown. The logo on the tongue was different and they ended up changing it. A little stitching is minor compared to replacing the entire midsole but weirder things have happened.

    Or they could replace the cushion setup for the inevitable .5 version and actually offer a playoff shoe with legitimate upgrades.

  3. These are clean adidas is starting out with his line of shoe simple the upgrading with every model I’m still wondering how do jwall get an adidas sig before Damian lillard

        1. There is boost no if or maybe there’s no boost I doubt they will start doing .5 models I bet they will give him boost around the time of his third model

  4. I hope the Boost foam on the DRose and other basketball shoes will not be as soft as the runners. I felt that their full length Boost runners lack stability, and felt like my foot can roll in any direction. Though soft and comfortable to walk in, I would not run in them. If they midsole was used on basketball shoe, with all the lateral movements that occur during play, it would be horrible.

  5. Nightwing have heard anything about the crazyquick 3 like tech wise like will the have heel boost and adiprene forefoot (personally that’s my guess) or anything else

  6. Personally I think Adidas screwed themselves over with boost cause now every shoe without it is a disappointment and a let down

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