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adidas J Wall 1 – Available Now

The adidas J Wall 1 is now available. Retail is $115, great price for a signature model, and they fit true to size. I haven’t played in my pair just yet, just finishing up the D Rose 5, but I’ll get to them as soon as possible. If you were interested in a pair, they have both colorways available at Foot Locker.

adidas J Wall 1 - Available Now 1

adidas J Wall 1 - Available Now 2

  1. this shoe step in comfort I felt was worse than the zig 2 for wall .didnt feel secure around front of arch or front medial side with support.. it was like wearing a sock there.. and looked weird creasing at that point. so I probably will not get this one unless I find at outlet and try with my orthos in them.. sorry for lazy typing

  2. I played in these for about 2.5 hours for the first time. Here are my thoughts for anyone who’s interested:

    (Full disclosure: I’m a massive fan of all DC sports and Wall is one of my heroes so naturally, I wanted to like these shoes. That said, I’ve done my best to be unbiased in my impressions of them.)

    I got a 9.5, which is on the small side for me, because I like a really snug fit for my basketball shoes. SprintFrame was tight initially, maybe too tight, but the more I played the better it felt. I really felt a springing sensation when I pushed off on more aggressive cuts. Traction was really good, on par with the XX8’s in my opinion and better than the KD7’s. Cushioning wasn’t super responsive but I never felt like my feet were slamming against the court like I have in some poorly cushioned shoes (I’m talking to you, Nike Air Max Hyperaggressor!) so I guess they did their job. The upper fit really well when laced up tightly. I didn’t experience any pinching at all.

    My one issue was that after a few games I started to experience some pain in the arch of my left foot. Not sure if this was a function of the shoes braking in or maybe I chose too small a size, but it was really bad. I didn’t have to stop playing but I was definitely slower than normal. I’ve never had this issue in a hoop shoe before, although I have experienced it in some flatter casual shoes. My impression though was always that SprintFrame had enhanced arch support, so maybe I just need to give this more time.

    Overall, I’d say this is a really good shoe. The pain in the arch of my foot is probably just me, but it’s something to be mindful of if that sounds like an issue you’ve experienced.

    Hope that helps anyone who doesn’t think they can wait for the performance review!

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