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adidas DH5 – First Look

Dwight Howard continues his signature line with the adidas DH5. The shoe looks to feature a synthetic leather upper and herringbone traction. The tongue features Howard’s new Superman logo, a throwback to the 2008 dunk contest. What I also see is adidas moving away from PureMotion and Boost, at least with this model. I assume that PureMotion and Boost do not adequately support the needs of a center. I am curious if any new tech will be featured on the DH5. What do you think about the next DH12 signature sneaker? Share you thoughts below. Stay tuned to WearTesters for updates on the adidas DH5.



Image via @AaronKnows

  1. I like adidas but I don’t like this shoe in particular. There are people at adidas who deserve a signature shoe much more than dwight howard in my opinion.

    1. Yea agreed. Im a fan of dwight but there are others that do deserve a signature shoe.Someone like damian lillard

    2. its more just adidas’ way of making a big man orientated shoe while keeping dwight in the adidas family

  2. I agree it looks like a Peak shoe. The toe is duck bill-like. They didn’t put Boost in it because they need a lower price point to sell his shoes. They bent his leg on the logo to fit in the buildings and now it doesn’t look as Supermanesque. These shoes are always outlet bound and down. Adidas can’t wait for this contract to end.

  3. adidas doesnt give a damn about dwight howard anymore smh. cant even give this guy some boost, while every other adidas shoe worn by nba players gets boost. lights, quicks, roses, lillards, walls get boost.

  4. That tongue is a flat out joke, sorry not sorry. You’d have to pay me to even try these on. Looks aren’t everything, but sometimes you need someone on the team that will just tell you “no”.

    Clearly that didn’t happen here.

  5. The DH12 line was once my favorite, from the Super beast and the adipower howard. And now they look like they’re the cheapest and the least innovative in the Adi family.

  6. It’s definitely more of a pricepoint shoe…which is smarter for adidas with Howard. Basically just to see if his name will help move product at a lower price. The Wall sample also looks cheap, so they might be trying what Nike used to do with KD. Wouldn’t be surprised if Lillard’s initial shoe is also cheaper, with Rose being the “premium” signature.

  7. i feel sorry for DH. he still deserves a sig in my opinion. at least give him the best tech team big man shoe. like the TS series before.

  8. Cmon guys, don’t bash this signature line. Think about the kids who want a signature shoe, but don’t have the funds. Don’t act like y’all don’t remember the days where you rocked Payless Shaqs lol. I’m sure the shoe plays fine. Hey Hsuperman_18, is it possible this is the adidas Howard Lite 2 instead?

  9. In my opinion i think it’s alright shoe but they could have to improve next time when D12 next sig shoe

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