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adidas D Rose 773 IV – Performance Review | Zak Kerr

Bang for your buck AND a solid team model…


The traction is solid and will grip the floor on clean and mildly dusty floors (with wiping here and there). I did have two problems however, one is that the grooves are incredibly shallow, which makes these a no go for outdoor use. My second complaint is that the rubber compound doesn’t allow the shoes to squeak. This is just a personal complaint because the grip is there, but i like to hear a squeak to give me some mental reassurance.
Rating: 7/10

Bounce is a great upgrade from the EVA/Adiprene+ used in the previous versions of the 773. Is it Boost? No, but this is still a huge upgrade. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bounce used in more adidas basketball models in the future, as is it a solid secondary option to Boost. In my opinion, adidas has been relying on Boost too much in their hoop shoes. Nike has Zoom, Lunarlon, Air Max, etc… while adidas has Boost and Adiprene+ (which is not a great cushioning system in my opinion). The new Bounce technology is huge for adidas and gives them a solid second cushioning option.
Rating: 8/10

We have a perforated synthetic leather in the toe box along with mesh panels along the midfoot of the shoe. The materials aren’t the best, but for $110, you can’t complain. One feature that I enjoy is the padding along the tongue. There is no pinching in the upper ankle area whatsoever.
Rating: 7.5/10

The shoes fit true to size and have a very nice/snug fit. The midfoot area does a nice job of wrapping around your foot while tightening the laces and as I stated previously, the tongue is nicely  The two straps in the back are useless because they are stitched onto the shoe, but the internal heel cup keeps you secure regardless.
Rating: 9/10

The support is mostly coming from the overall fit. Since the fit was very nice, so is the support. I didn’t feel insecure once while playing in this shoe, so there is nothing to complain about here.
Rating: 9/10

Perforated synthetic leather in the toe box, and open mesh on the tongue and side panels allow for a solid amount of breathability. Very above average in ventilation and won’t cause any blisters.
Rating: 8/10



  1. Thank u so much for releasing this, great review just want to know 2 things, is chris aka nightwing getting these and is bounce like micro g or cushlon more.

  2. Good job on the review. I feel the same way about the shoe. Imo I’m not too concerned about it not having a squeak when I play. Alls I know is that it grips the floor. But all in all good review.

  3. Great review. I tried these on at finish line today and do agree this is a very well deserve upgrade from adiprene just waiting for more colors to come out before I pick.

  4. what does bounce feel like? Is there something out in the market today or in other cushioning systems that is similar to it?

      1. Wow that’s a big improvement over a adiprene+. Thanks for the reply and keep up the good work w the reviews.

  5. Nice review, im seeing the number review back, aren’t you guys using that symbols for scores? and yup a squeek does sound good when playing ^^

  6. The bounce cushioning is promising. I hope they implement bounce into future sig models Wall, Liilard( I assume Harden will get boost). The traction seems a bit disappointing like the new Crazy light(longevity). I hope the new Crazy Quick and J Wall 2 will have a more durable outsole. Another good review by Zak.

  7. Great review Zak! Nice and concise straight to the point. I just copped these and love them. So much better than any of the previous 773’s or signature shoes with adiprene. I too hope Adidas uses their Bounce energy on more of the upcoming bball kicks. The confort is top notch and secure for a shoe that looks clunky! I just hope Adidas will allow you to customize these like the last ones!

  8. Very interesting about the Bounce cushioning. If it’s better than Adiprene+ (I thought it might be a little bit better based on your first impressions, didn’t think it would be a lot better until watching this vid), I wonder why they didn’t debut it in something like the J Wall 2 instead of a take down model like this?

    You’d think their signature athletes that play in the NBA should get their best cushioning systems, or at least their second best cushioning tech. Maybe it’s too new to have put it in a signature shoe?

    1. I agree ice09, I thought the same thing. Plus, I think that wall would prefer the bounce based on its reviews IMO.

  9. Great review Zak. I agree with the review. So far I have had 52 points in 2 games in the 773 4. Upper needs a bit more support. BOUNCE is pretty good. I’d like to see full length BOUNCE or internal BOOST the KOBE, with updated traction and upper.

  10. Why is adiprene+ not a good cushioning system? I am planning to buy something with that system. Please answer thanks!

    1. it’s his opinion and might have seen or felt that Adiprene+ is not cushy enough for him.

      anyway, I say that Adiprene+ is a good cushioning system if that is what you are worried about. I rocked with EVA cushion before and they were fine. the Adiprene/+ are better. anyway, it depends on how Adiprene/+ is implemented in the shoe. I mean some Nike Air and Zoom Air shoes have terrible cushion in them. you have to look and see and feel if the shoe has minimal cushion or not. some might have a small portion or less denser/volume of Adiprene+ which have some effect on them.

      as far as Adiprene+ goes, they are very responsive and low to the ground. Boost on the otherhand as a bit more responsive and more comfortable. with regards to Bounce cushion, I’m thinking whether the materials could be identical to the Boost but denser or are not broken to smaller pebbles like in the Boost. a bit more firm but comfortable and quite responsive. the Bounce sits in between the Adiprene+ and Boost.

      here is the thing,

      Adiprene+ = lower to the ground/ natural feel of the ground.
      Bounce = a bit higher off the ground.
      Boost = low to the ground but is the most comfortable.

      depending on the implementation, the shoe might have a denser Adiprene+, Bounce , Boost that can affect the performance of the shoe.

      if you are considering the CrazyLights 2015, all I can say that they feel amazing and great transition from heel to toe and vice versa. much better if you change the insole with a regular PU insole rather than the thin insert.

    2. Its not that its bad, it’s just very minimalist. So if you have a knee problems or shin splints you will likely suffer some pain or soreness in that area. If you are a guard and play low to the ground, it could be beneficial towards your gameplay.

      1. But I agree with the comment above. The adiprene+ used in the Crazylight boost 2015 is actually pretty good. Definitely the best setup I’ve felt with adiprene used. The insole swap is a must tho.

  11. Hey Weartesters!

    Thinking of getting this or the CP3.9..
    All things being equal, what do you think should I get?


  12. Does anyone know if the bounce cushion in these are full length? or does it stop halfway because looking at the midsole, it looks like like it does, right about where you see the rose logo on the lateral sides of the shoe, but i am curious to know. thanks and good review!

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