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Rose 6 Traction

When was the last time multi-directional herringbone didn’t work? The traction on the Rose 6 is flawless on clean floors and requires very little wiping on dusty floors. I wouldn’t recommend these for outdoor use as the grooves are very shallow, but I never actually used them outdoors, so I don’t quote me. I wasn’t expecting much from these as far as traction is concerned, but Adidas proved me wrong.


Rose 6 Cushion

This is the second time full length Boost cushioning has been implemented into a basketball shoe. This time, Adidas got it right. These things are simply amazing. Picture yourself stepping on clouds — that’s what it feels like when you have these on. Is this the best cushion set up I have ever played in? Probably, though the first time I experience unlocked Zoom in the AJ XX8 was pretty darn exciting. I recommend these solely for the experience of Boost foam. Finally, Adidas used it correctly!


Rose 6 Materials

The materials are going to vary with each colorway on the Rose 6. The Home colorway features a webbed mesh. They are soft, flexible materials that are also durable due to the webbed backing. The extremely padding tongue adds even more comfort to the shoe. Overall, the mesh is solid. You can’t go wrong with soft and durable, right? Well…let’s talk about the fit.


The fit also is going to vary with each colorway due to the materials used. Pairs with the mesh upper have a pretty sloppy fit in the forefoot. There is a lot of dead space, forcing me to go down a half size. (Am I the only one that seems to be going down a half size for every adidas shoe??) Going down a half size helped, but there was still some leftover volume in the toe area. The fit is much more snug on pairs with the synthetic upper (according to Nightwing), so go true to size if you get a pair with those materials. As far as the back half of the shoe, you are secure. The SpeedWrap system does a great job of keeping you locked in to the bed of the shoe.


Support is all over the place. Adidas utilized the same X-Bar that was used in the Rose 5 for torsional support. More support is found from the StableFrame and the materials used along the upper. The synthetic pairs will have slightly more support due to the fit given by the materials.


These things are beasts. Everyone should simply try these out just to experience Boost. Other than that, they feature great traction, solid materials, and an abundance of support. Not to mention, retail is $140. You can purchase a pair from Adidas HERE.

Let us know what you think of the Rose 6 in the comment section below!

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  1. Very detailed performance review. Lay ups , jumpers and the two handed throw down at the end was sick. And you definitely got a great rotation on your jumper. Great work.

  2. So far this is the only review I’ve seen based on going half-size down. I’m trying that route with the Iridescent pair on the way. Because that looks like it’s also running mesh, I’m guessing the toebox is gonna feel as wide as my TTS Lux; but hopefully I don’t have to run the collar so tight that the straps almost touch.

    And I enjoy Zak’s reviews a lot. Not to generalize, but most high school students don’t go out of their way to do stuff like this (on top of taking the game seriously). Format and presentation are very well executed, and they’re really concise reviews. Keep it up.

  3. Hey Zak, nice Review! and I go down 1/2 size in every adidas-shoe too, and I do so as wide footer! And I can only recommend to do so even with the synthetic-leather DROSE 6. After 1 or 2 games you get a really nice, snug and quite perfect fit. I really love that shoe! the only very very small complaint is, that it is no lowtop, as I prefer playing in lowtops…hopefully there comes a lowtop with the same or a similar cushion Setup in the Future. Boost is simply amazing!

  4. is there a benefit to put an outsole in an elite basketball shoe? and particularly this shoe, i’m looking forward to buy them as a PG.

  5. Great review, I need to size down .5 size on the new-releases too, I think it’s because they the padding-volume went down in adidas shoes, but they didn’t adjust the last enough(because older adidas are fuller padding-wise, and are usually my true-size).

    Love those close up shots of the shoes on the court, really shows how the shoes are behaving.

  6. Yo Zack.. Nice review, nails the fact that this shoe is top 3 this year. Would you say this shoe is better than the Curry 2 so far, and do you think we should wait for the primeknit version next year and play in other shoes, or cop a pair right now? Thanks bro!

  7. Guys about the all star prime knit model..
    Does anyone feel that d rose won’t make the all star selection?
    I am not mean but he is not dominant anymore
    Reminds me of last years lillards non selection he’d probably be a starter over Lowry if he played in the eastern conference (he made the squad as a replacement due to other players injuries)
    But rose will probably be injured by then 😛

  8. Tried these on (home colorway) but wasn’t able to find the right size. Looks like my (wide) feet simply aren’t made for adidas kicks, which is a shame because the boost felt really great.

  9. always wonderes, do kicksgenius, nightwing, jarron, and zak kerr edit their videos so we only seen when they make shots, or are they just really fucking good shooters?

  10. Hi. Im from PH and I would like to tell you that this review is insane. Keep it up. Anyways, i would just ask you this. I dont know what to buy, D rose 6 or Lebron Soldier IX? What are your thoughts man? And if you would prefer D rose 6, what colorway do you think I must choose? Although nightwing said he wanted the away version, I would like to know your recommendation too man. I hope you’ll answer me.

  11. hi nightwing I wanted to ask you what shoe do you recommend more performance wise the 29s,melo 11 or the drose 6 ?

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