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adidas D Rose 5 Boost Onyx/ Scarlet – Detailed Look

I’m really liking the material choices on this pair of adidas D Rose 5 Boost… reminds me of the Home D Rose 3, which I loved. If you wanted a detailed look at the Onyx/ Scarlet pair then this is the set of images that you’ve probably been looking for. I personally love everything about this colorway, but I wish the red line went throughout the entire frame.

Take a look at upcoming colorway below and stay tuned for upcoming release information.

adidas D Rose 5 Boost Onyx: Scarlet - Detailed Look 3

adidas D Rose 5 Boost Onyx: Scarlet - Detailed Look 2

adidas D Rose 5 Boost Onyx: Scarlet - Detailed Look 1

adidas D Rose 5 Boost Onyx: Scarlet - Detailed Look 5

adidas D Rose 5 Boost Onyx: Scarlet - Detailed Look 4


  1. Love this whole series of D Roses, every shoe has its own flare that fits. I really like the grey to red l lining in the frame. Still like the home color way more but this and the blacks are tied at a close 2nd

  2. I agree the red should go through that whole plastic outline. How tight is the “ankle cage”?
    Will the back of the shoe accommodate a hinged ankle brace?

      1. I got the same ones as u nightwing and they are the most comfy roses to date. Its a shame u must have a defective pair

      2. have u tried going a size down? My feet were hurting when I did drills with my normal size after like 10mins. I was able to return the shoes and took a half size down and the pain was gone.

        I agree with the above poster, these are one of the most comfortable adidas basketball shoes I have ever worn. Doesn’t pale to comparison as the j28s but its sill a good shoe.

        1. Boost its still very comfortable, and it has full length cushioning. I’m still worried about the traction. The forefoot should have one similar pattern not split like that IMO.

  3. All these detailed looks and stuff just make me more and more impatient for nightwing’s performance review on the drose 5. When’s it coming out, nightwing? :))

  4. Got my pair from AUS Footlocker and they are fire! Went down half a size since I felt too much room in the toebox and the ankle tpu piece cut into my ankle when I was trying on my true size. Lenght-wise going down half a size is still good for me and the upper (much like the grey rose 3 BTW) is nice. Boost in the rose 5 is definitely firmer than the crazylight’s. Just need to recovery from a knee sprain and I will play in them.

  5. I went down a size as well. Just wondering when the $200 Million Dollar Rose can get an ELITE 5 Version with FULL Length Herringbone traction, Carbon Fiber and PRIMEKNIT upper for $100.00 dollars. $200 Million Dollar Kobe has Carbon Fiber. ALL IN?


  6. I played a full 40-minute game with my half-sized down DRose 5 last night and I got a huge blister on my right foot’ big toe. I’m using 100% cotton performance socks that have more padding than Nike Elites. I guess it’s time to wear double socks.

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