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adidas D Rose 5 Boost Grey/ Red – Another Look

If you wanted a pair of adidas D Rose 5 Boost with an upper thats closer to leather then it looks like this is the pair to get.

I can’t tell if its a synthetic nubuck or leather, but either way they look good. I’ve been enjoying aspects of my Rose 5’s, but not to the point where I thought I would. They’re not a bad shoe, they just fit my feet a little funny… in a painful way. Traction, cushion and lockdown are all great though which bums me out because if they would stop hurting my feet I’d love the damn things.

Anyway, these look as if they’re dropping overseas currently so be on the lookout for U.S. release information.

adidas D Rose 5 Boost 'Grey Red' - Another Look


      1. I agree because nubuck looks like it has shorter finer hair fibers, yet similar to suede.

        This is the one that pair I always thought was the “Home” and not the upcoming white patent leather ones.

        It turns out that the debut release that we all got was the “L-Train” and not the “Brendas”. DJ Delz brought out the Rose 2 pair from 2011 for an AH HA moment.

      2. The 5 hurt my right lateral foot side the left is fine. Why do you think they hurt so bad cause I got home and took them off I had right foot pain for hours

          1. anyway, were you using the synthetic upper? I find the ones on the Brendas quite tight and seem like fuse-like. that’s why I returned them after trying them out.

      3. i saw them in person yesterday and it is a nice material, quite soft to touch. definitely didn’t feel like nubuk but i could be wrong, a lot more likely to be some sort of leather.

        1. nubuck would be something like the inside or interior part of the leather. grainy and unpolished. this one is wrinkly which is more of a textured leather.

  1. True,but either way it’s looks more comfortable then the Brenda colorway. The pics for that colorway made it look like a plastic toy

  2. any idea when the away version is coming out!? i see its out in Europe and Asia already. but dont see it coming out on any site from now till december

  3. Those would be amazing if the red was orange imo. That said its a cool design regardless, hope we’ll be able to customise, should be able to have some fun afternoons with that.

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