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adidas D Rose 5 Black/ White

There are a handful of performance basketball models that we know for a fact are releasing this Fall that I’m eagerly anticipating… the adidas D Rose 5 is one of them.

This Black/ White colorway looks really clean and my only real concern since we’ve seen them pop-up online has been the traction. That concern really hasn’t changed but hopefully I’m wrong, and they’ll end up playing beautifully.

Until then… we’ll just have to look at really crappy images that leak onto the internet.

adidas D Rose 5 Black White 1 adidas D Rose 5 Black White 2 adidas D Rose 5 Black White 3 adidas D Rose 5 Black White 4 adidas D Rose 5 Black White 5 adidas D Rose 5 Black White 6


      1. But there is no perforations on the top like in other colorways and materials have different texture than in others photos so it can be primeknit

  1. WAIT??!!!
    is that primeknit on the toebox?
    Primeknit and Boost together , too much awesomeness to handle in the court!!

  2. Jesus I think I freaking jizzed my pants.

    Adidas really got their game up. With the Adidas Primeknit Boost running shoe, THAT felt AWESOME. These BASKETBALL SHOES: LOOK GOOD. They are really clean; just enough simplicity and just enough awesome designs. The Boost and Primeknit are gonna kill it. Sorry if I sound like I’m BOOSTING this shoe its just I’m really excited that they KNITTED the two technologies together.

    1. damn just figured that there is no Primeknit. The Boost is gonna be good though. It would be awesome if they made an “Elite” or “Premium” version that has Primeknit

  3. About the traction, it looks like it’ll perform well on clean courts, the cilia parts of the traction and the fact that it’s translucent could suck up dust pretty easily, if they went with full length wavebone throughout the rubber, with solid rubber, there wouldn’t be any issues.

    With something as low profile and as responsive as Boost, it would be hell of a bummer to wear it for the first time for basketball with crappy traction.

    Let’s hope it’s at least a 8.5/10 on the traction department.

    1. They should have put the DRose signature on the X shaped shank in the midfoot/arch.

      I think the way it is, it eould perform okay if it was solid rubber,

  4. I’m curious as to why leaked images always look like super low quality. If you’re taking a picture of the shoe, then why not bump up the resolution??

    1. This isn’t an official release from Adidas, probably some Adidas staff high in rank who got a hold of a prototype or sample and whipped out his phone and started taking pictures when his boss wasn’t looking

  5. I really hope the traction would last outdoor. But i already decided in my heart to save up for these so, oh well 🙂

  6. This is the by far best colorway I have seen on this shoe can not wait for the release date. 🙂

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