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adidas D Rose 5.0 White/ Red – Black

We’re going to be seeing quite a few different material options utilized for the adidas D Rose 5.0.

As mentioned in the adidas J Wall 1 Alternate Away article, adidas will be trying out different materials for a lot of the upcoming colorways for their upcoming signature sneakers. This will give everyone something to look forward to, which I think is a great idea. With each new variation, the upper looks slightly different… almost giving them a .5 vibe.

This White/ Red – Black model features a heavily perforated upper for greater ventilation while patent leather wraps around the mudguard for increased support. Minor tweaks here and there and it’ll almost feel as if you have a different shoe on. These changes will make the review process a little difficult as ventilation scores will be different depending on the colorway you choose… I might consider leaving ventilation off this review just for that reason to keep things fair.

Check out the latest look of the D Rose 5.0 below and if you were interested in grabbing a pair, Oneness has them available now in a full size run.

adidas D Rose 5.0 White: Red - Black 1

adidas D Rose 5.0 White: Red - Black 2

adidas D Rose 5.0 White: Red - Black 3

adidas D Rose 5.0 White: Red - Black 4

adidas D Rose 5.0 White: Red - Black 5

adidas D Rose 5.0 White: Red - Black 6

  1. I noticed this as soon as I saw the first official pictures. I was hoping that these would have a full solid outsole.

    Really, this is nice and a great move on their part. GOING TO RACK UP AT THE OUTLETS BABY!!!!

  3. Why is there a difference between this design ($140) and and another design ($160)

    Adidas releasing 2 version of D Rose?

  4. Loving how these look. Best ones yet. It would have been awesome if they had black patent leather and more or less gave Jordan a big middle finger. Rose 5 Concords

  5. There was a post here months ago showing all of the upcoming Rose 5 models including these. I remember this pair being one of two that was higher than the others. You can even see that the branding is straight and not slanted like on the Brendas.

    I saw that Oneness link selling them out of Kentucky, but I want to wait on NW to get the proper sizing. They look long and could run big like the Quick II.

  6. Hey NW
    I know you gave low socre on cushioning due to the absense forefoot EVA (or very shallow) on Crazy Boost.
    but what your take on the implement of Boost in Bball line?
    I have pure boost but im sure theres gonna e some changes with installation.

  7. i wished that all rose 5 models had pull tabs
    not just a few…
    like the black/white ones with the translucent bottoms wouldve looked even better with a pull tab

  8. It would suck that you don’t score ventilation since It’s a key factor for me to go buy a performance sneaker. But I understand that testing every single cw of the same sneaker is a pain in the ass.

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