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adidas D Rose 5.0 ‘Home’ – Detailed Look

Man… I love these.

Definitely a simple look for the adidas D Rose 5.0, but its a good look. You can clearly see the full length Boost cushion and you can see what they look like on-foot. I’m really excited for these to release… this is adidas’ last chance to hang with the other ‘big’ brands in the basketball category for the year. So far their products have been either good or below average… but these have the potential to be great.

Take a look at the latest detailed look below and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Home' - Detailed Look 1

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Home' - Detailed Look 2

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Home' - Detailed Look 3

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Home' - Detailed Look 4

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Home' - Detailed Look 5

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Home' - Detailed Look 6

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Home' - Detailed Look 7

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Home' - Detailed Look 8

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Home' - Detailed Look 9


  1. I think the Brendas pop more than the Homes and not just because of the red. The accented is done better on the Brenda.

    1. True, but I just can’t get behind the laces, so I’ll be changing them.

      Digging the gradient red/grey fade on these.

  2. As more and more time passes I get more and more worried that these are going to be a huge letdown performance-wise. Adidas hasn’t been all that impressive lately. Especially after seeing how lackluster the Crazylight 4’s and RG3 Trainers have been received. I hope I’m wrong because I really like the look of the Rose 5’s and I absolutely love my Pure Boosts. I really think that Adidas can find a nice balance of comfort and stability with Boost. It might just take a generation or two.

    1. I have the RG3 Boost. can you tell me specifically what you meant by lackluster? I’ll try to confirm it if what or where you said it was mentioned is true or just bullshit.

      1. I heard the synthetic upper is restrictive, stiff, and can pinch. I’ve also heard the boost cushion is really firm and doesn’t offer the stereotypical bounce feeling that most (not all) shoes with boost usually offer.

        1. Hi, I have the no diamond whites. I don’t know if the upper materials are the same with other RG3 iterations but I find the upper really comfortable and not stiff. although I must say that they need to get broken down before you get to their optimal comfort, not saying that they were bad when they were new but were fine. some might find it best if they get it half-size up if they feel them uncomfortable and restrictive or don’t want to break them down.

          the restrictive feel is more likely lockdown. some people like it and some dont. also the strap really secures your foot. so that could be the one they are complaining about. like I said, you need to break them down or half-sizing up, especially for wide footers. I have a normal shape foot btw.

          remember, these are trainers so they can take a lot of pounding and could take awhile to wear them down to optimal level.

          as far as the negative remarks about the cushion bounce you were hearing about, now those are just bullshit. they aren’t that far-off with the Boost Glide and Energy Boost that I have before. maybe they were comparing them with the PURE BOOST which are totally different and the most comfortable iteration of Boost but aren’t advisable for multiple purpose since they lack lockdown, ankle support, stability and traction. you maybe able to run away with the Pure Boost by playing easily, but they are more likely for walking.

          the RG3 Boost doesn’t have the typical flex of most Boost iterations since they are more built for stability for stable landing. maybe this is what they thought the Boost was stiff in fact it was the rubber outsole was hard and kept the boost foam somehow contained and secured in a certain level but it doesn’t affect the bounciness and comfort level of the boost.

          they were more like a 360 AirMax. so these would appeal more for heavy and bigger people that doesn’t need too much flex.

          traction is good and made for overall performance although can vary depending on the conditions of the floor.

          1. you are welcome JMD and glad I could help. personally, the Rose V’s aren’t that much different than the RG3 Boost other than the potentially obvious flexibility of the Rose and made for court traction.

            despite the Boost looking like high to the ground, the feel is like low profile especially when running. some people might misinterpret that they are stiff but they are there and your foot is protected from hard impacts and shock. besides, I don’t think that people would like some squishy shoes when performing some quick and high intensity activity. they are bouncy but it does tend to give you that impression that they are not, you get what I’m saying? you will know how effective they are after you used them for 3-4 hours of extensive activity.

            anyway, better try it first and I think that would be the wisest thing to do since not all feet are created equal, aight?

  3. Love the “home” color. I really just wish they stuck with herringbone traction though. Either way, I’m copping.

  4. Many people in China have already tried them out. The forefoot cushion is apparently disappointing like Crazy Light 4 despite the fact that they used full length boost on this model.

    1. Awww sh*t…..

      You can kind of tell that the Boost tapers from heel to forefoot. It shouldn’t be as bad as the Crazylight Boost though because Boost is up front.

    2. I would try to confirm that report once I get a pair of the R 5’s. so far, the RG3 Boost cushion are doing their magic.

  5. NW, it’s not really true that Adidas are all that far behind, true they don’t have a whole lot of variety, but the rose 4 and the crazy quicks (the original) are two of my favorite shoes of recent years, if not my favorite. Of course there aren’t that many people who can wear them comfortably, but for me they are perfect for people who play on their toes on both sides of the court

    1. Those were two of my favorites as well, but they are heavily behind in the cushion department. EVA is their name for Phylon. They could have given the shoes adiPrene but chose not to. Just because I enjoy something doesnt mean I cant see the faults within.

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