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adidas D Rose 5.0 ‘Brenda’ – Up Close & Personal

I think I like this colorway a bit more than the Home colorway… but I can’t really make up my mind.

I still think the same thing though, these have the potential to be adidas’ great on-court performance model for the year. That traction still looks awful, hope I’m wrong, so that could kill their vibe. But if the traction is good then I think these will be a hit… actually, these might be a hit right from the start even without any reviews on the product.

Take a look at the Brenda colorway up close & personal then share your performance expectations in the comment section.

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 1

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 2

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 3

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 4

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 5

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 6

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 7

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 8.1

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 8

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 9

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 10

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 11

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 12

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 13

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Brenda' - Up Close & Personal 14


    1. Well we all have to remember that derrick plays mostly on his toe running and slashing so the most aggressive part about traction is where he needs it most

  1. All of these drose color ways look like unfinished prototypes or something. They just don’t look like finished polished products. Adidas just can’t figure out how to do a bball shoe.

  2. it seems like the material used on the upper is similar to the 4.5 which gave me an insane pain on my pinkie toe. Other colorways looked liked made with other materials so I’m counting on those.

  3. I find it funny that they have the Roman numerals for the 2014-2015 season and they know they are going to come with the 5.5 during the 2015 half time point.

  4. The traction was fine on clean courts. Havent tried it on dirty ones. Boost is firmer than energy’s or pure’s or even the CL’s. My observation so far in my brief run in them. Its already available in the Philippines.

  5. I feel like the traction will perform like the zoom solider 6’s… even with the traction in the back… it looks quite similar in appearance, hmm who knows how it will perform till a performance review is out

  6. Adidas is falling behind on the market. Cushioning has long been established by Nike and they’re moving on to lightweight, malleable, and supportive uppers. Meanwhile Adidas is just catching up on cushion via boost, but their best model is still using fuse or synthetic leather. That’s a deal breaker for me personally. I hope I’m corrected and the drose 5 uses better materials on the upper.

      1. I love fuse it technically offers the best support and durability, how can you not love that? It also looks like the toe is reinforced like the Superflys for enhanced toe protection but I could be wrong . You can’t really depend on mesh uppers like you can with a good synthetic upper. They look really awesome as well. I really hope they continue to used this kind of upper for years for years to come.

        1. I’d like to add that it has a really thin insole (like the CL4 I guess? I don’t own a CL4 though). And I do think all CWs have that translucent sole and a solid one in the front which makes it prone to yellowing. But I think that’s how they’re promoting the full-length boost other than showing it at the sides.

        2. I hated the fuse. felt like wearing a caged plastic leather wrapped around your foot. although support is great and I give them that. durability however is more of a question like how long you are intending to play with them before you get a new pair or model of shoes and if the traction and cushion unit wears off earlier than the fuse upper. I don’t think I would wear something that has lost their traction and cushion effectiveness eventhough the upper is still good.

          1. That’s when you relegate them for casual use. The upper is fine to me. Also love the plush collar. Thinking of putting in my microG insole for a double dosage of awesome cushion.

        3. I guess it’s personal preference. I have wide feet so fuse always messes me up since it doesn’t give as much. Support and durability is nice, but that’s not all that I’m looking for.

          1. I totally agree its a preference but when it comes to performance its important to me. I don’t want to ball in something too thin especially in the toebox. And I have gotten too used to the protection and support offered in the 28 SEs or the Zoom Soldier VIs. The Lebron Xs is softer and thick but it wasn’t very protective in the toebox. However my favorite material is actually the complete Hyperposite upper from the Lebron XIs, nothing beats that upper IMO. I know people with big or wider feet may have issues with it but I really like it but it works great for me and it does feel better with each wear and it makes me feel like Ironman!

          2. I actually like decent fuse and I appreciate hyperposite. It’s just companies usually use cheap shit or with a bad build so it just really rubs my toes wrong. After playing in the KD 7 and Jordan XX9, I just can’t go back to the old days of fuse. Especially the XX9s, those are soft, malleable, AND supportive. I got stepped on many times but you can’t even see any damage whatsoever nor did it even hurt. I think the megafuse upper on the Lebron XII will be like a hybrid fuse/mesh so I’m digging that as well.

            I just can’t get over how the fuse on the brenda Rose 5 look so cheap. I’m guessing Adidas is saving primeknit for Rose 6, but it’s my opinion they had to get this one right. Boost by itself is not the holy grail to get them competitive in the basketball shoe market. Who knows, I might change my mind once I try them on, but I’m too hyped for the Lebron XII HOL to think about any other to shoe to ball in lol

          3. The Rose 5’s upper is definitely not cheap nor feels cheap. Well on the Aways that is. The shiny upper on the Brendas makes it look cheap.

  7. Well, the more I see and read about these, it seems like they might be a disappointment. I didn’t think they’d be a letdown at all, but seeing some comments from people the last day or so I’m starting to think that they might be. If they do end up not being a very good performer, then that just makes Adidas look very amateurish. They can’t seem to execute a top end model Basketball shoe for their current/new releases for this upcoming season.

    1. Yeah it is full length but people overseas seem to be disapointed with the fore foot boost but you can see it right above the x bar shank

  8. This is the ONLY color I did not want to release first. Looks like I will have to wait a little longer for the Rose 5. I just can’t get with that burgundy looking red and the blue. If it was varsity red with no blue I’d buy

  9. Hey Jay, would you say the boost is the best cushion you have had in a basketball shoe of yours? Or does lunarlon or another cushion beat it out ..

  10. Can the insole be replaced by an orthopedic one? If so this will probably be my next shoe. (still using the lebron x elite ps).

  11. Hi Guys, just a quick question. Do you think the DRose 5 will be worth the wait? Or should I just get a solid performance model like the Hyperdunk 2014?

  12. The plasticky upper was the only bad thing about the rose 4, looks like this one is gonna be similar…I thought pics of the away pair showed a knitted upper?

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