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adidas D Rose 5.0 Black/ White – Detailed Look

Maybe you’ll agree, maybe you’ll disagree… I think the adidas D Rose 5.0 is one of the most aesthetically appealing performance basketball models to release this year.

Again, maybe you’ll disagree, I just think they’re a really clean shoe with a great toe down view (when you look down at your own foot), and they sort of have a bit of 90’s flair without being bulky. Also considering the fact that they feature Boost cushioning. pretty much makes these a must have.

No word on when this specific colorway will release, but at least you can get a detailed look at the shoe now, since they won’t release until October.

adidas D Rose 5.0 Black White - Detailed Look 1

adidas D Rose 5.0 Black White - Detailed Look 2

adidas D Rose 5.0 Black White - Detailed Look 3

adidas D Rose 5.0 Black White - Detailed Look 4

adidas D Rose 5.0 Black White - Detailed Look 5

adidas D Rose 5.0 Black White - Detailed Look 6

Images Via SC

      1. You weren’t kidding about that toe down view bro – very nice.

        The first images of the Superfly 3s have been a nice surprise for me too.

  1. From the side, these remind me of the Lil Penny Posite. I wasn’t initially a huge fan of the design, but the more I see them, the more I like them. The pattern on the upper is really nice on this pair, and helps to make a plain black and white shoe interesting.

  2. Super SUPER looking forward to hearing about how these perform. I’ve tried on the Pure Boost and that is a very different feel from a cushion perspective so I’m wondering how supportive they will be on a BBall shoe considering how squishy the material is.

    1. These are the worlds best basketball shoe for late 2014 & 2015!
      They also look AMAZING AS WELL.

      N O T H I N G made by Nike has the feel & look of these 5.0 shoes. Zero.

    2. I was reading someone on another forum said that the RG3 Boost Trainers are not as soft and squishy as you’d find in the Pure Boost or their runners. I’d say the Basketball Boost would be similar to the RG3 Trainers.

      1. pure boosts are totally different as they are more for casual wear. they are the squishiest of all the boost-based shoes. it is the thickiest iteration of boost with practically no insole and outsole that separates the boost foam significantly. something like a Nike Free. the runners though are less denser and are protected significantly with a thick outsole rubber, supported with a torsion bar and sprint frame.

      2. Pure Boosts are more like slip-ons. the basketball boosts though would probably have the same flex as the runners. I think that the RG3 Boosts would be much stiffer in the middle.

        1. I love the flex on the Pureboost. I actually played outdoor ball outside in them. I was just careful not to go to hard and make quick cuts since the the upper is not as supportive as a basketball shoe, but the boost foam itself its remarkably supportive while still feeling cushioned. I hope Adidas can make a boost basketball without the full length torsion bar, just a midfoot shank like the the Hyperdunk series and the rest of the support would come from firmer foam surrounding the boost foam like the Rose 5s. I also love that the boost on the heel is exposed on the Rose 5. Personally as a Guard, I’m always on my toes and when I do heel strike its a jump or decelerating so I actually like when the heel striking is soft and as comfortable as possible in order to recover after a fast break and burst back into action on my forefoot and using all of my energy to sprint. So I need that supportive forefoot whether the shoe has rubber that wraps up the lateral side like the CrazyQuicks, if a foam is used like the Hyperdunk 2013, or if most of the lateral support comes from the upper like a double-lasted setup like the Hyperposite on the Lebron XIs.

          1. Oh and I left out the lateral carbon-fiber counters from the Jordan 28s/Lebron X Elites and the lateral tpu from the Lebron X and Melo M9 that also provide great lateral forefoot support.

          2. they are not really much for a problem for guards as long as you don’t do a lot of jumps. although I must say that they can be limited to certain surfaces. they slip a lot on dusty or wet hardwood floors or anything that has some poor traction floors. rubberized floors or hard surfaces would do fine. Pure Boosts in big men would be a no-no.

            I’d prefer the torsion bar over the shank plates coz they give that extra push and springiness that a typical shank plate doesn’t give. also, the sprint frame is more than enough for support and containment. I tried those first with the Rose’s and CL’s. never considered buying them however since I prefer the zooms back then before the Boost came out. also I hated that the mid-foot section of the Adidas shoes runs narrow which is to me gave me some problems.

          3. Well I just hope the torsion bar is flexible and bends with your foot unlike the Energy boost while while the Torsion Bar is flexible (I’m sorry I said it was too stiff before Collins), I think it would bend with your foot and feel more natural, if it didn’t curve up too much. But I think the Torsion Bar on these will go them more springiness like you said, so that’s sounds great! Really looking forward to trying full length BOOST!!

  3. Those icy bottoms tho. Not only do they look good, but they answer questions on really how far the boost goes.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. This whole time I really wanted to know just how far forward the boost really went. I got my answer here.

  4. So nice…I know I want the Brenda 5s, but do I cop these or grab a pair of the white 5.5s…decisions, decisions.

  5. the key element there is getting rid on the over-emphasis on the shoe brand Logo. just think how much do they have to put the name on the shoe? it’s not like people wouldn’t recognize it.

  6. ooooh.. this colourway is giving the BReds a run for their money as best colourway… in my humble opinion….


  7. These are probably one of the nicest pairs I’ve seen this year. I’m so picking up a pair of these. The icy sole is a must!

  8. SO by adding boost to the rose line they pretty much realized that he was injury prone and decided to give the man something to keep him in better shape?

  9. Am i the only one who hates the icy soles? Yeah they may look nice but from a performance stand point, Icy soles are normally terrible for traction.

    I’m hoping they release a pair with a solid bottom.

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