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adidas D Rose 5.0 ‘Away’ – Up Close & Personal

We’ve given you multiple looks at the adidas D Rose 5.0 but now we have a look at the little details, including the packaging and even the insoles of the sneaker. Little details are also shown up close, including phrases on the lateral wing of the sneaker like “not supposed to be here” and “no freshman.”

Check out all the details in the pictures below and let us know what caught your eye in the comments below. The D Rose 5 model in the ‘Brenda’ colorway is set to launch tomorrow, October 23rd at retailers like Finish Line. Stay tuned to WearTesters for a release date on the ‘Away’ colorway.

adidas D Rose 5.0 'Away' - Up Close & Personal1 adidas D Rose 5.0 'Away' - Up Close & Personal2 adidas D Rose 5.0 'Away' - Up Close & Personal3 adidas D Rose 5.0 'Away' - Up Close & Personal4 adidas D Rose 5.0 'Away' - Up Close & Personal5 adidas D Rose 5.0 'Away' - Up Close & Personal6 adidas D Rose 5.0 'Away' - Up Close & Personal7 adidas D Rose 5.0 'Away' - Up Close & Personal8 adidas D Rose 5.0 'Away' - Up Close & Personal9 adidas D Rose 5.0 'Away' - Up Close & Personal10


        1. adidas isn’t great with organizing release dates for colorways. The only date we’ve really gotten from them is the official launch, which is tomorrow for the Brenda colorway.

    1. I’m also interested in knowing when the away colorway comes out. Anyway if anyone wants the Brendas you can pick them up at eastbay for $112 with a 20% off $200 purchase code. Nice deal if you ask me.

  1. Awesome colorway and full length BOOST!!! Are these TTS? I usually go up a half size since I have wide feet? Someone pls let me kno asap!

    1. I have very wide feet (EE) and TTS worked for me. The upper’s excellent fit is definitely under-appreciated on this shoe, overshadowed (rightly) by the Boost.

      1. Cool thanks Airsyd! As long as they aren’t too narrow, I think I can go TTS. But they don’t run big or small length-size right? I hope the cushioning feels very similar to the runners just with more stability due to the bball specific midsole and upper.

  2. I need to know when these puppies drop…got too many red kicks so I am passing on the Brendas, but I need these in my life.

  3. Foot Locker has the Aluminum/Black/White color way scheduled for release on their calendar for November 13th. These could be it or the “Home”, but neither of them have red listed in the description.

  4. They release november 6 or 13. They aren’t guarenteed to work with the 18% coupons so I copped the brendas and swapped the laces.

  5. Oh shit! O_O The insole is sitting on full length Boost, instead of SprintFrame. Man I like red sneaks, but these are dope. I remember when 4s came out and when the blacks released initially, they were never heard from again…true story

  6. I like this colorway better, but not sure if I like the upper material better. I assume it’s a nubuck type upper?

    Which upper do you guys think will be better between this one and the Brenda colorway?

  7. My Brenda’s should arrive next Tuesday. If they’re any good I’m totally going to pick up this colorway. These pictures dont do the shoes any justice with the harsh flash. I have a feeling they will look much better in person.

  8. These are out in Australia (last week) already at footlocker retailing at $220 AUD
    I tried it on in the store, IMO it feels low to the ground. I did not feel much bounce to it. The materials on these away is quite nice. it has a shimmer on it. I did not buy it too pricey here in OZ i’m waiting for this to go on sale on eastbay :o) for me its true to size and enough space in the toe box.

    1. Sweet. Thanks for telling us that. So you think the material on these is good? Is it like a nubuck or is it different?

  9. Does anyone know how much these weigh? I love the way the blacks look and I support d rose as a native of Chicago but the crazy light’s are like 11oz, have the boost technology and don’t look bad so I feel like weight will be my determining factor

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