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adidas D Lillard 1 – First Look

adidas D Lillard 1 - First Look1

D Rose. D Howard. J Wall. And Now D Lillard.

Damian Lillard’s first signature shoe was a given since he signed that multi-million dollar contract back in April, and now we have a first look at the sig. Lillard unveiled the shoe himself on his weekly #4BarFriday Instagram video. The Portland Trail Blazers star’s signature sneaker will be a low-top, and from the video, it looks like it won’t be featuring the well-regarded Boost technology.

Each colorway of the D Lillard 1 will feature lyrics from Damian’s 4 Bar Friday videos and there will be a predominantly red colorway coming out, in addition to this ‘Away’ colorway (h/t to Casey Holdahl for the info.) The shoe will release in 2015, but until then, let us know in the comments what you think of the adidas D Lillard 1. What do you think of Lillard’s logo?

adidas D Lillard 1 - First Look


  1. I’m not sure if it looks better than J Walls yet. It looks pretty plain and I don’t see the 3 stripes anywhere. It must Adidas’s answer to J Brands CP3 sig. I’m guessing full length adiprene+, but what else? I wonder why the lower laceloop is different (red). Is it some new type of support system???

  2. Ok I didn’t see the pic above the video. Yeah they look pretty dope, but what’s to stop people from thinking these are Js? Wait a minute…oh…nevermind haha. It definitely has personality. I do like his logo. Probably the best one out of all the sigs so far.

    1. It’s not a shield and the best logos are those that are in the simplest of shapes: circles, arches, triangles, etc…that’s why you’re more likely to subconsciously remember them, by their association what you’re already familiar with. Lillards is just an L, D, 0, & 3 stripes. Protest the use of initials in logos that seems to be the norm nowadays haha.

  3. These would have been fire if it had boost. I’m starting to wonder if there is something wrong with full length boost on the basketball court.

    1. I think they just wanted to debut it on the Rose model. This is still 1st gen tech. The others will probably get it next season…ahem, they’d better. Rose is the lab rat. But you’re right; these would be best seller with Boost.

  4. I actually like these. So far Jordan Brand (With the AJXX9, Super Fly.3, and possibly the Melo M11), Under Armour (UA ClutchFit Drive) and Adidas (Boost Rose 5 and now D-Lillard 1) have been making great sneakers this year!

  5. I don’t think those are 3 stripes coming off his logo, but actually supposed to be wings as a nod to his crew “Fly Guyz”…

    I think adidas is experimenting with no stripes…The 3 stripes really limit the designs, designers and the brand, so I think they want to see how a shoe would sell for them without it. (I like the idea)

    Also, these shoes should definitely be on the cheaper side..I would be shocked if they are more then Walls, and expect them to be cheaper then walls…Maybe $100?

    Reason is, there isn’t much to the shoe..the neoprene bootie will add value, but there is no tpu/hot-melt(Like the Walls which drives up price some)….

    Materials drive up price too, but these seem pretty basic for the most part

    1. That’s definitely the 3 stripes…just tilt your head 45 degrees. It’s subtle, which is nice, but they could’ve picked any number of “wings”, so do you think 3 is a coincidence?

    2. A company’s branding is very important from a marketing perspective and there hasn’t been a player to sub branding out since Jordan(correct me if I’m wrong). I don’t see Adidas doing this much for Dame on his first sig. He would have to build up his own following as an All Star and in Adidas sells before he gets that kind of respect.

      I could see Rose’s logo going solo, but evening then they still have been using the stripes fashionably.

      1. I think it is more a brand direction as a whole for basketball…If you notice, they took the 3 stripes off the upper of the Rose 5 from earlier samples, and just have the equipment logo. I think we might see more of the equipment logo for a little…Wouldn’t be surprised if these have the equipment logo on the medial, or somewhere.

  6. Also not using boost in all the models isn’t usually a players preference, but a marketing thing…They have to have things at different price points, and options..

  7. It’s refreshing to see Adidas not back down in the face of Nike, who are number 1 for a reason. Adidas basketball is still moving forward with their tech and designs. I really like this shoe and the Wall 1. Hoping to get the RG3 trainer.

    1. Yeah it good that there is slightly more competition in signature shoe area.
      The design is similar to early Rose models that the way collar area is designed.

    2. I’d rate Under Armour higher than Adidas as of right now for Basketball shoes.

      Keeping in mind though that the Rose 5s, John Walls and D-Lillards aren’t out yet, so that might change my mind once they are released.

      If those three shoes aren’t good, then Adidas is behind UA IMO.

    3. I agree that adidas is kind of picking it up a bit, but they still aren’t quite on the level of nike. For ex. the crazylight boost was a great concept, but the execution of that concept sucked.

  8. Adidas is also probably trying to make cheaper signature models like the JWall1 and this one. The lack of boost makes the shoe significantly cheaper in my opinion. Adiprene+ is still pretty good anyway, so i’m not comlaining

  9. I hope these major brands can come up with some zero drop models someday.

    There’s really no point of having thick heels in basketball shoes, you don’t land on your heels anyway.

    1. Totally with you man. But most bball shoes are closer to zero drop than you think. Somes shoes have the foam wrap up a little around the heel, so that look like they have a really high heel drop but they really don’t. But I think companies would have to experiment in order to make sure the cushioning is still sufficient enough in the heel. Another way they could do it is to increase the forefoot cushion while making it stable enough, by encasing it properly for lateral support.

      1. However I gotta say that if they just shaved off the extra heel cushioning in a current shoe to make it zero drop they would work those that don’t use there heels a lot when running.

    1. same thing i was seeing. i did’nt see lillard going non sleek designs. but lillard is somewhat looks liking some old school.

    2. Yeah it does look like a WoW on the toe box along with the ankle/collar area of early Rose models like the 1.0 and the 1.5.

      Level of competition has slightly gone up to where there is several signature shoes now.

      Given how inflated basketball shoes are now, it is just which signature shoes performs under, or over its value. ( Not much shoes are there that perform at its value.)

  10. Looks like the zoom generation mixed with the cp 3 8s. I dig them love the logo looks like a feather. Really elegant.

  11. I’m trying to figure out why the shoes that have full-length boost (if these are indeed full-length) are so slim on cushioning in the front. After the initial stories of the D Rose 5, I’m curious now as to how much of that sweet sweet boost tech is in the forefront altogether.

  12. These remind me of the Way of Wade lows. I’ve been ballin in the 773 II and love them! Sadly, it looks like Puremotion’s reintroduction was short lived (judging by the recent and future releases).

  13. legit looks like the Way of Wade… i do like that the three stripes aren’t on the shoe though. i hope that stays for final product

  14. Now adidas making a move to reclaim the #2 spot bball shoes in US and its a good start to make a signture shoe to a up-raising star DLil..i hipe they use their new tech system boost..

  15. Totally agree with theOracle. Looks like a Gil Zero model that was in wear-test stages, then the controversy happened. It reminds me more of a tennis or training shoe than a basketball shoe.

  16. Hmmm…. Not feeling these right now.

    If the Jordan Trunner Dominate had a baby with the Nike Zoom Crusader and they added a sprinkle of Way of Wades this would be the result.

    The sole is OK. The Midsole is OK. The toe area is OK. I’m hating the upper and heel area.

    I do like the rich black material. Nubuck?

    1. I agree not diggin’ them at the moment, but it’s cause the upper. I have a visceral dislike for leather uppers. They look good but performance wise don’t even come close woven or a mesh(flexible mesh I might add, hate stiff mesh)

  17. This is a good thing from adiddas, seems a promising thing specially if boost would be introduced and added ankle support then you may have a sure hit! Ditch the red bar near the toe cap, nubuck doesn’t seem to be good in the toe area and if their thinkin of tryin to be reasonable in pricing put less on certain area as such and focus on whats essential as traction and cushioning + support.

  18. I recall a friend who randomly met Dame, and asked him what his favorite shoe was, and he said the Jordan III. And it seems adidas must have known, cuz this shoe has got a jordan 3 flavor to it. It also has a way of wade thang going too.

  19. I agree with Mustafa and everyone else that said that these shoes look exactly like the Way Of Wade shoes and they do!I just bought a pair of D.Lillards1.0 last night and they are VERY COMFORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT!One of my friends saw me today with them on and asked me if they were the Way Of Wades?

  20. Mustafa i agree They do look exactly like the way of wades!I got the D.Lillard 1.0 last night at Foot Locker and the store manager and the employees and other customers said they look like the way of wades!

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