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adidas D Howard 5 ‘Home’

The adidas D Howard 5 gets dressed up for home games.

White, Black and Red make up the colorway while a strange DH print makes its way across the mesh panels. Traction looks good and there is adiPrene located at the forefoot for comfort and impact protection.

If you’re interested, these are available now at adidas.com.

adidas D Howard 5 'Home' 1

adidas D Howard 5 'Home' 2

  1. Like I told myself, just wait for the right colorway. Looks pretty clean to me, plus looks like it’s a straight-to-the-point performer. Outsole looks like a modified PureMotion. Add the fact that it’s $125? Putting this shoe on my radar.

  2. You’d think DHoward would need boost more than any other adidas sig athlete…7″0 tall, back issues. The shoe is cool, I’d cop on discount.

    1. Not really, I think big players need denser foams because they can do the break-in process in little time, and also athletes are trained on how to land on their feet so they cushion there selves.

  3. I got these from Adidas at a great price, having loved the Howard 2 and being a 6’5 guard often required to play down low, due to post expierence, defending bugs, and a Dirk or CWebb style post game of my own. I 100% would say these are fantastic for the discounts offered. For a good portion of games in men’s leauge I start at whatever position the opponent top scorer is, as I can pls some very frustrating defense, have a ton of energy and enough size. In high school and aau I often played a point forward roll, ECT. Wound up playing a few games with Shane Battier on court and fell in love with locking down positions, collegiately I played nearly the same roll only distributing from the wing instead of imitating the offense. (freelance) I will say the Howard 2 was a better perimeter and post player shoe. Howard 5 features are highly reminiscent of the dame adi prene, bouncey responsive. The shoe features a modified pure motion with full length multi directional herringbone. The crazh pad in the heel is like the rose 4, I was surprised when I found another cushion spot cut in the middle, where minimal shoes use nothing, this shoe lets you feel adipdrene in one of its top forms (again similiar to dames, however the heel is stacked with the most adiprene I’ve seen in any shoe. I use crazyfast Ortho inserts on top the tpu Howard insert, which is ample in its own right. The traction rivals any big man shoes traction. I would add its ventilated and the tounge being patent n thin is soft. This shoe bumped Melo 8 advanced, due to adiprene plus, whatever they’re doing with adiprend enhances it to near boost. Responsive cushioning, spectacular traction allow easy movements, the multi directional seems made for a big man sliding in the paint or back to the basket moves, while the pure motion gives a forefoot striking option, lockdown is great, I’d say rose 4.0 reminiscent, with adiprene softer and still responsive, tons of bound in the shoe, comfort, terrific. It’s a sleeper and its been a 9 of 10 for me. It’s versatile and if the shoe were a player Anthony Davis would come to mind due to his point center. Dwight’s not too bad. This line w boost will be amazing. Way to keep Howard line top of the line. I’d say the rose 5 with Ortho Adidas inserts added is the best shoe for any company along w Bb jordan29 cf2. Superfly 2 fans who hate the outer rock material. Here’s a better solution then the superfly po for big men w versatility. You will find these cheap! Don’t sleep on them! (sleep on Dwight not the shoe) I heard Tim Duncan requested this minus Dwight logos. Just wanted to throw out the information. Melo line is great by is more perimeter based than in the past. I’d really say find jt for under 50 bang in the post even if its 21 the shoe is a young Dwight with potential, Adidas Howard 5 shoe exceeded expectations best big man shoe of the year hands down.

    1. So would you prefer these over the Howard 2??? And have you played in the supernatural commanders?

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