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adidas Crazyquick Performance Review

Crazy quick yet in control.


Traction – The traction is amazing; plain & simple. Only one time did I have a small issue… on my league court but that surface is slick for nearly every single shoe I take out their other than a select few and even then, these were able to bite the floor better than most. There is a small break-in period with the rubber itself but nothing like what was experienced with the Rose 3.

The only downside I see with these will be if you decide to used them outdoors. With rubber this pliable, it’s bound to get ground down faster than more dense rubbers. To take them outdoors is ultimately your decision so just keep that in mind.


Cushion – I’ve said it a couple of times now and I’ll say it again. Cushion is pretty minimal… at least it is in the forefoot. Everyone has their own comfort level and for me, these worked just fine. Only on nights that I played for more than two hours did I encounter any problems with aches so for regular game day situations, the cushion is good enough. Now, if you need cushion then this may not be the best option for you.

One good thing about having such a thin midsole is that your court feel is amazing. Strangely enough, having less between your foot and the floor allows you to react slightly quicker. You can feel things that you can’t in thicker soled (or cushioned) sneakers and that will allow you unrestricted free range of motion. It’s actually quite nice and if you are a grounded type of player – not a high flyer – then you might actually want to try it out and see if you like it.


Material – TechFit is awesome. It works great for running shoes and I would have never placed in onto a hoop shoe but with the right synthetic overlays it’s easily one of the most comfortable uppers I’ve worn while still providing support. Durability might be something to consider but so far they haven’t made me worry too much.


Fit – They fit true to size and the SprintFame in place does hug your foot a bit but not to where it’s painful. Wide footers may say otherwise – which is unfortunate – but I personally feel that this is the nicest feeling SprintFrame other than the Rose 3 & 3.5 SprintFrame… yes, I’ve tried on the Rose 3.5 and what do you know; they felt exactly like the 3.

I was worried about the midfoot lockdown at first due to the one piece upper but they have constructed the TechFit to wrap around the foot perfectly so that quickly became a non-issue. The lacing system is designed with the synthetic overlays (including the three striped) that are in place which keep your foot locked into the footbed and with that, the overall fit and lockdown are nearly perfect. I couldn’t get my heel to stay in place perfectly – even after lacing all the way to the top – but that could have just been because my foot and heel are a bit narrow.


Ventilation – You won’t receive a ton of air flow with the synthetic overlays but the TechFit material is moisture wicking and it’s basically a thick spandex so it’s a well-ventilated shoe.


Support – The SprintFrame provides you with the most support while the rest of the support really relies on you… your natural movements, foot strikes and so on. They say that the main reason athletes suffer so many ankle injuries is because of the fact that we wear shoes. If we were barefoot then we wouldn’t be seeing most of the ankle injuries that we do and these right here are as close to being barefoot in a hoop shoe that I’ve ever felt. No, it wasn’t bad if that’s what you are thinking. Like I said above, in return you receive such natural range of motion that your foot feels free. This is what I enjoyed so much about the decoupled heel and forefoot in the Air Jordan XX8 and now the feeling is enhanced with this low profile next gen PureMotion.

Don’t ask me which I prefer… I am still having a hard time figuring that out. I’m having a hard time figuring out if I prefer less cushion for more freedom (adidas Crazyquick) or more freedom than most shoes with crazy cushion (Air Jordan XX8)… yeah, I know… sneakerhead problems…


Overall – So what does this all mean? It means that adidas is so close you can pretty much taste it. If they could take everything they’ve done here and add in their Boost foam then you would have a low profile setup that offers unmatched freedom AND responsive cushion… that’s something that really hasn’t been done yet. Zoom Air is as close as we’ve gotten and it’s not anywhere near as low to the ground as this. Yes, lower often means lighter but that isn’t the point of going low… lower means more balance and control. With that you can react faster thus making you “quicker”. Put that together with incredible traction, Next Gen PureMotion and a TechFit upper… whoa…


  1. “certified killer on guard shoes catalogue”
    hmmm that makes me want to grab a pair of energy boost running shoes to see how good those foam is….

    1. You really should. you should give it a try in stores before you buy, its squishy yet responsive. gotta love it.

      1. I wish to but they don’t have them in Canada retail I must get online:(
        Canada suck! Expensive shipping, no Nike Id, less colorway:(

      2. One question, if you compare this to energy boost running shoes, how much different in term of thickness of the forefoot profile?
        It might be a technical difficulty to make boost foam into that low profile plus the traction …

        1. Hey Ian, these go for $160 CDN MSRP, which isn’t great, but Adidas online ships orders over $50.00 free, and a 15% off coupon is offered for those who sign up, which also isn’t great but it’s somethin’.

          It terms of comparisons to Boost, yes the difference is quite drastic (CQ has the lower profile), but it’s really comparing apples to oranges. Perhaps Boost equipped basketball shoes just wouldn’t be as low profile, who knows?


  2. You nailed when you mentioned that these are ideal for grounded players because my feet loves them, but my knees not so much. When I hoop I’m usually one of the taller players so I play forward like when I have to. These are great for guard moves because you can really “GO” with the traction and feel. Great review and on point as usual.

  3. I forgot to ask in my reply if you could elaborate on the perceived slights on the sprint frame in Adidas shoes?

  4. hi..i live in canada but there’s no john wall color crazyquick at the adidas.ca website. the adidas.com/us doesnt ship international. can you help me where i can buy that shoe? i would really appreciate your help. thank you

  5. damn,.. since i only get roughly 2 basketball shoes a year,.. i’ma wait till the boost foam is integrated in a shoe with this kind of setup.. im a guard & Loves to play defense w/ the other team’s primary scorer, court feel& response is a must,..
    thanks for the heads up Nightwing!

  6. Have you tried putting in a Micro G insole? Wouldn’t that just feel amazing with the court feel and Micro G??

  7. hey nightwing, just a suggestion, next time maybe you could put in the price column or talk about it in the “overall” section. like whether you feel these are worth the money, I know for myself these for $140 is pretty worth it but shoes like XX8 and Lebron X they’re highly priced so if you could talk about the product and relate it to the price it’ll help improve your performance review. thanks 🙂

    1. That is a great idea IMO.

      It’s like the Hyperdisruptor, Nightwing said it is not a bad shoe, but at it’s full retail price he didn’t think it was worth it.

      Taking this a step further and incorporating the pricing into the review would be great. Nightwing would have to base it on the retail prices though as there would be people around that can get the shoes at cheaper than retail, so for those guys it might not be relevant.

  8. Do you think that these would be good for a slightly high flying guard,or are these bad for high flyers in general? I’m 5 10, 160 lbs, lot of slashing,pull-ups,but when I get a chance,I go straight to the rim.

    1. I have similar body size and playing-style and I’ve been thinking the same thing! I think that you/we need a bit more of cushion. I wear Rose 2.5s and I believe that I do not need less cushion, but a bit more instead (I love 2.5s by the way!). If I were to buy a new pair I would choose one among Rose3.5/4?, XX8, KD-V, Hyperdunk 2013?.

      1. I wanted to get those 2.5s,but I have wide feet and I’ve had trouble with the fit, But I don’n know about the 3.5s fit, I’m thinking about replacing my nikes with adidas, so I’d pick the Rose,but It’s hard to say, because I’m 15 years and getting little higher with every training,close to dunking.Maybe It would be smarter to wait for the Hyperdunks…

        1. Well, parents decided for me,today I receveid a pair of Rose 773 lights… and, I’m happy…:D

          1. Good choice! 773’s are very similar to 2.5s! You will be fine in these!
            PS.I have stopped getting taller (i am 30!), but you are definately going to do the dunk because you will get taller!!

  9. Hey Nightwing, I have the Adidas Rose 3.5 now I know you didn’t do a review on the Rose3.5 but you did do a review on the rose 3 which is very similar to the rose 3.5.

    So I was wondering do you think I should upgrade from the Rose 3(.5) to The Adidas Crazy Quick?

    1. ugh i hate these kind of questions…

      u don’t give NW any info about urself and how u play, and u expect him to give u a legitimate answer.


  10. What insole would you guys recommend to put in this shoe? My knees aren’t great so I would want more cushioning.

    I don’t have access to many stores (I’m overseas). Can anyone recommend an insole that a store such as Eastbay carries?

  11. One question, if you compare this to energy boost running shoes, how much different in term of thickness of the forefoot profile?
    It might be a technical difficulty to make boost foam into that low profile plus the traction …

      1. That doesn’t mean they can’t make a boost shoe with the same crazyquick midsole for those who need a cushioned shoe 🙂

  12. @nightwing2303 ive been a long time fan and i just thought of an idea can u please make an app for your site it would be just much easier. Anyway just a suggestion keep up the good work.

  13. Great review as usual. Thanks!

    How does this shoe compare to the CP3 VI AE in terms of responsiveness and comfort?

  14. Dunno how I feel about that sentence saying it’s for grounded players, not high flyers. John Wall gets up pretty high, lol. Tbh a shoe like this is best – too much cushion messes up how you move. People that say they need cushion don’t have properly developed tendons/ligaments/musculature to absorb landing shock.

    1. I believe I went over that. This is what the foot wants as its more natural. John Wall does get up pretty high, when he dunks. His game is very grounded and quick and does not rely on pure arial agility. His style of play is fairly similar to Iverson but without a consistent shooting range.

      1. If you don’t mind me asking, what is aerial agility and how would it affect how the shoe is set up?

  15. Hi, NW
    Thx for the performance review!!!
    I watched the performance review of Rose 3 and this one, I’m curious about the cushion difference between these two.
    In CQ’s review you said there is a compression molded EVA, the same as Rose 3, so what makes the cushion score so difference (Rose3:9 & CQ:6.5)?

    1. The cushion is more minimal in this shoe. In the mid and forefoot it is preety much non=existent

  16. kenneth faried and dwight howard were wearing the CQs in the first round…doesn’t seem like such a good fit for them, ha…

  17. Nice to see adidas is heading in the right direction with this shoe. I’m curious about the low to the ground feeling since I run in minimal shoes. Will be checking this out when they release over here.

    Nice review!

  18. I’m a 6’4 shooting guard and I do a lot of jumping(rebounds,layups,dunks ). Are these gonna fit me or should I go with something a bit stronger. I am using Rose 773 right now and they are great.

  19. nightwing, overall if your a very athletic guard that constantly jumps, turns on a dime ect is this a bad shoe support wise? i know john wall and mike conley and other PG’s wear them and they are pretty athletic

  20. has anybody been playing in these the last few weeks? are there any durability issues? they’re coming out here in about two weeks, and i don’t know if i want to drop that much cash on something that’s going to fall apart after a few months of hard play…

  21. Finally got to try em on today. My left foot arch don’t fit well. I normally wear barefoot/minimalist shoes and to me cq’s arch is quite pronounced. At my size (9) the arch seems a little forward, half size down and the arch feels nearer to my heel. I really want to love it, my right foot feels great and the court feel is awesome, but my left foot will be in a lot of pain for sure. I hope drose 4 will fit me well..

    Btw they cost almost $200 where i come from, definitely not worth it material wise. The sample at the store already looks used and has creases, and this is the first day they put it on display.

  22. Hi guys, the country where I’m at I haven’t really seen these stocked in stores yet so I have to buy online. As such, I have a question about the fit.

    All reports suggest it is “true to size”, however that the material is meant to be a snug fit and form fitting. Also that the entrance is quite narrow given the stitched tongue.

    I play with ankle braces (adidas speed wraps) – would you recommend going a half size up in that case? How does it compare to say a Rose 3 or 3.5 fit wise, if anyone can compare the CQs to those?

    1. They fit true to size and are difficult to put on but as you stated, the material will stretch around your foot so going up 1/2 sz will ruin the fit they offer. The Rose 3 fit true to size as well if that helps.

  23. How would the fit of this compare to the Lebron 10s? I heard these are narrow and I have wide feet. But for the lebrons i felt they were perfect in terms of width. So would this be around the same or narrower?

  24. Are these shoes comfortable with flat feet? I’m thinking to get Shock Doctors with my Hyperdunks (2012), but the Crazyquicks look more promising

  25. awesome review nightwing!!!
    by the way what would u prefer,the kobe 8 or crazy qiuck for a player who has the same playing stlye as drose. plus how bad is the cushion really? after like playing for bout 2 hors will my heel hurt or what?

  26. I am 6′ 2″ and I am big/muscular player (over 200lbs) but I cannot jump very high. So imagine a 6’2″ Reggie Evans. All I do is rebound, drive to the basket, etc. I am by no means a “high flyer”. The highest I go is tapping the backboard on a layup. I am different because most big men want all the cushioning (LeBron X) while I want court feel.

    I have had the black/gray/white (Tim Duncan) pair for a week now. It does take about a day or two to break in the traction. But after the day or two, traction is great. The techfit and three stripes do a great job of hugging your foot. In the forefoot, I experienced no slippage. Yes the cushioning in the forefoot is not as great, but the heel cushioning is pretty good. Court feel is amazing. Heel lockdown is pretty good as well.

    Overall, a great shoe for quick/agile players and/or are grounded players (layups instead of dunks) like myself.

    *I do own the Lebron X, they are extremely comfortable but I felt off balance sometimes and there wasn’t much flex to them because of that Vis Zoom bag.

  27. I got these pair of shoes because I liked your review about this. The flexibility and traction if great but it turned out it was narrow for me and I have a wide foot. What do you think should I do? Do you have a remedy or a solution for this? MY feet hurts on the part where the three stripes are. Do you thick I Should cut the inner linings(flywires)inside?

  28. Hey if i were to put a micro g insole into this shoe similar to the UA anatomix spawn, do you feel this will help the cushioning but not take away from the performance?

  29. Hoop shoe shopping for the first time in a few years, reminded me that this is my favorite shoe ever. It’s really all I’m looking for in 2022’s crop of shoes lol

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