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adidas Crazylight 4 Boost – New Colorway

The adidas Crazylight 4 Boost will soon be upon us, August 2014, and here is a new colorway that we haven’t yet seen.

These have been dubbed UCLA but look more like a NYK colorway. The blue upper and orange accents are nice but its the tech that really has me excited. I can’t wait to hoop in a pair of Boost sneakers and I know many of you are on the same page.

Take a look below and share your thoughts in the comment section.

adidas Crazylight 4 Boost 'UCLA'

Via AK

  1. What are your thoughts on the traction? It looks somewhat questionable to me. I hope the traction is on point, because it’d be super disappointing if an otherwise tech filled shoe (and the first one with boost) had mediocre grip on the court.

    1. I’d cop the RG3 Boost Trainers over these. nothing beats those sick-looking turf traction. aside the fact that it comes full length boost, mid-strap for secure lockdown, clean and awesome aesthetics with perforations and it comes in white.

    1. I think it’s “Boost foam” all the way just like their previous models.
      The difference seems to be it’s caged (I think) just like my Revenergy Boosts that I just bought last week.

      First time I tried an Adidas Boost shoe, so I can’t compare the difference of Boost being “caged” from other models before that had the foam exposed.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I hope that there is boost up there. I don’t mind not having it in the heel (this model clearly does) but I would really like it in the forefoot of the shoe since I am mostly on my toes.

  2. where to find this cw online that ship overseas? thx
    hate it when they only bring boring cw here, they are alrd out btw

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