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The Crazy Explosive features two pieces of marquee technology from adidas; a full-length Boost midsole and a Primeknit upper. We’ve seen Boost and Primeknit on a basketball sneaker before but the Crazy Explosive looks to take things to a whole other level.

Does it succeed at becoming one of the best on court models of all-time? Only one way to find out…

You can pick up the adidas Crazy Explosive at these retailers:




Crazy Explosive - Traction Crazy Explosive - Cushion Crazy Explosive - Materials Crazy Explosive - Fit Crazy Explosive - Support Crazy Explosive - Overall

Crazy Explosive Score Card


  1. Excited to get these! Amazing review bro. I wonder if these things have like the XDR version. These would be off the charts.

    Btw, will these overtake the Adizero Rose 2.5.? Hehe


  2. Thanks for the review Jarron!

    I guess that soft rubber compound hurt it’s traction from getting a hall of fame badge,

    Is the outsole rubber softer than the D Rose 6? Thanks!

    I been playing in my D Rose 6 for some time now, 6-7 months I guess on indooor wooden courts and very little wear and tear can be seen.

    Just waiting for the rumored all black primeknit before buying.

    1. “Just waiting for the rumored all black primeknit before buying.” +1
      Good performance review by Jarron.

  3. Thanks for the review. This review just solidifies the fact that Adidas is doing something great with this model. Like other, I can’t wait for a Black PK pair to release. I just wish that the traction could be durable for multiple surfaces but if that’s the only harsh knock on a shoe then that’s a good sign.

  4. Another great review. Thanks! Can’t wait for the CE lows to drop. I’ll be getting a pair when they do…

  5. Can you comment on the fit compared to the non primeknit version? As we only have those regular version here in Aus.

  6. now this is the kind of review i was looking for!! thanks for your opinion….
    and the colorway you have actually didn’t look that bad on foot!!!

  7. Thx for another rewiev on the CEs. I can second that the sole really isn’t suitable for outdoor play.
    Wore them today for the first time and of course outdoors.
    Around the edges the outsole is gone after 4 games played.
    Apart from that this shoe is heaven on earth.

  8. Awesome visual detailing on the traction wear. Can’t wait for the Rose 7 reviews because I have a hard time imagining how those can have any standouts compared to this and the CL

  9. Does this have the same boost midsole as Rose 7? I just read Brian’s review and can’t tell. Thanks!l and keep up the good work!

    1. The CEB has a more plush boost. If you like the extra bounce then CEB is way to go
      The Rose 7 has similar set up of the CLB2016.
      Firm on forefoot – and a higher heel.

  10. How does model differ from the other team color models of the adidas crazy explosive? the white/black/blue/maroon?

  11. Hey did you have an issue with the inside padding cutting against your ankle? I had an issue with that in only my right shoe. Wasn’t too painful just nagging and obnoxious while playing but it cut/left me with a pretty bad blister. Not sure I’m gonna keep them, because I thought they were really good overall

  12. Are they coming out with a black version of this with Primeknit, or will the other colors be in a different material? I only ask because the colors they have now are, in my opinion, pretty ugly, but I will get one now if the future materials and versions of the shoe do not have primeknit.

  13. Ok. I’m pretty sure we hoop at the same gym. Question: where the f can one try on these new fangled adidas shoes on other than the adidas store in the city? I’ve been to a lot of malls and all I see there are the Lillards. You’d think a product that seems to be that good would be made more widely available.

    Thanks in advance. I understand if you can’t or won’t tell me where I can find them in store because you need that advertising money first.

  14. My son’s basketball team ordered these for their team shoes. Most of the players love them but they are causing major blisters on my sons feet. I wouldn’t recommend them to anybody that doesn’t have an very wide foot.

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