The adidas Crazy Explosive is Now Available

The Crazy Explosive from the ‘Nations’ collection is now available on

Boost is taking over and this years basketball lineup from adidas features a lot of it. First the CrazyLight Boost 2016, then the D Rose 7, and now the long awaited Crazy Explosive is the latest to use the critically acclaimed cushioning from the brand of three stripes.

Head over to to pick up this colorway of the Crazy Explosive for $150.

LONG BEACH, CA- July 29, 2016:

Crazy Explosive
Constructed with turquoise and black Primeknit threads, Crazy Explosive is done up with an iced outsole, orange accents and a mosaic printed internal bootie that unites the nations’ flags represented at the tournament.


  1. The D Rose 7 looks better for me in terms of looks BUT this Crazy Explosive having the feel of Ultra Boost as mentioned by Nightwing in another post,

    Makes me feel like getting this,


  2. Do you guys have any info on whether this pack comes out in the UK? Doesn’t appear to be on

    1. As with every new release, we need to be patient,

      The guys at weartesters are hard at work reviewing more than 1 shoe, and it takes more than one wearing of the shoe to get the real feel,

      It’s better to release an accurate review because a shoe was worn multiple times or weartested multiple times than rush a review.

      1. Thank you GRIMLOCK, you are one of the few who understand the process. All of us are working nearly on 3-5 shoes at a time. We need at least 20-30 hours or 2 weeks in a shoe constantly to be able to break-down and provide detailed information for each shoe. And our bodies need recovery-time also. Never ending task.

  3. Wanna pull the trigger but don’t know if I can trust the translucent outsole without a performance review first.

  4. I don’t like the price-point, but it appears to be the most neutral ride of the new releases, I’ll wait till they go on sale though.

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