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adidas Crazy Explosive Low Performance Review

adidas Crazy Explosive Low Performance Review

If you enjoy low tops, Boost, and a great fit then you’ll likely enjoy the adidas Crazy Explosive Low on-court.

adidas Crazy Explosive Low Performance Review Traction

Nothing has changed between the high and the low top in the traction department. The coral pattern that adidas used before is used once again, and like last time, I love it; it’s multi-directional and hugs the floor better than you’d expect. Yes, the rubber compound is still on the soft side, so play outdoors at the risk of burning through the traction rather quickly. However, while you have traction you’ll have some really good traction.

adidas Crazy Explosive Low Performance Review Cushion

Much like the traction, cushion on the Crazy Explosive Low hasn’t changed at all. #BoostIsLife (for me) and I love how these feel on-court. As I said previously, this is the UltraBoost of basketball. You’re getting full-length cushion that is plush in the heel and a little thinner in the forefoot so you don’t sacrifice too much court feel. TPU is still wrapped around the lateral side of the midsole to ensure the Boost remains stable; it’s exposed on the medial end which allows the Boost to expand and contract while you’re playing.

adidas Crazy Explosive Low Performance Review Materials

This is the first time I’ve used (what I call) the “basic” version of the Crazy Explosive. This Crazy Explosive Low uses a micro mesh upper whereas I’ve only played in the Primeknit edition. Performance wise, you’re not sacrificing anything if you choose this option. In this particular situation the Primeknit version of the shoe is more of a luxury rather than a performance upgrade. If you wanted something a little nicer looking and feeling then opt for the Primeknit version, but if you’re only interested in performance and enjoy saving a few bucks then you won’t be missing anything by grabbing the regular versions.

The mesh upper feels like Lycra (a stretchy material, what most leggings are made of). It’s light, breathable, and wraps around your foot like no other. You’ve basically got a superhero costume on your foot — pretty cool if you ask me. There are fuse welds in high-wear areas to help protect the material because durability isn’t its strong suit. However, if you try on the Crazy Explosive Low and take it for a spin I assure you that you won’t feel like you should’ve waited and gone with the Primeknit model — this is just as good.

adidas Crazy Explosive Low Performance Review Fit

The fit is incredible. Just like the high, the Crazy Explosive Low fits true to size and feels wonderful on-foot. It isn’t suffocating and it feels very secure. Due to the material, you almost feel as if you don’t have anything on at all.

Lockdown is great as well and there is no slipping inside the shoe whatsoever. adidas promoted the CrazyLight Boost to be the best fitting low top shoe ever, but the brand outdid itself with the Crazy Explosive Low — these fit like a dream.

adidas Crazy Explosive Low Performance Review Support

Everything the high top version has the low top version has, save for some extra material around the ankle. Torsional shank, internal heel counter, large outrigger, flat stable base — everything you need in a shoe is in the Crazy Explosive Low. Everything.

adidas Crazy Explosive Low Performance Review Overall

The way I feel about the adidas Crazy Explosive Low is the same way I felt about the Air Jordan XX9 Low. Both are so much nicer to wear than their original versions — and the original versions of each shoe were already really good.

You aren’t giving up anything by going with the Crazy Explosive Low. Traction? Check. Cushion? Check. Nice materials? Check. Great lockdown and fit? Check. Support? Check. Nothing was left out of these. Well, maybe overall durability, but if you play indoors I don’t think that’ll be a huge issue.

The adidas Crazy Explosive Low is the definition of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

adidas Crazy Explosive Low Performance Review Score

  1. I’m really interested in copping these, I’m just worried the traction will wear out. I usually only buy one pair of low tops a year and I don’t want to have to drop another couple hundred if there is no traction left within 3 months (I play indoor sports twice a week). I’ve heard a lot of conflicting reports about it, can anyone comment on their experience playing indoors?

    1. I have some friends who have the transluscent outsole who say it wears out faster than a normal shoe, but is still playable after some wear and tear because the traction is fairly deep. I have the only solid outsole cw of the mids and those are more durable, but the lines are fairly thin so its not outdoor-worthy or anything.
      There is a solid outsole low that some nba players wear. Hopefully thise drop for general release; I’m waiting for those.

    2. I play PG in a rec league. All my slashing and cutting has really worn out the traction on the outrigger but the rest of the shoe is fine. I just sometime slip if I cut too hard now.

      Only played in the mids for about a month.

    3. I wouldn’t worry much about traction longevity unless I drag these shoes like a madman on court (basically scrubbing the shoes on the floor) and play 4-5 times a week. these should last you a good full year. I haven’t gotten any issues with Adidas basketball shoes for years now as far as traction longevity is concerned. the last time I’ve had Adidas shoes only lasting 3 months would be around the Howard 2s era and that was a long time ago.

    4. I’d say don’t take these outdoors. I have the mids and use them outdoors most of the time for shootarounds. Even that gives the traction signs of peeling off and it doesn’t look as if it would last long. It scares me each time I make a slightly harder cut fearing more of the traction would come off. However, indoor traction is great and is much less likely to wear out unless you’re purposely scraping the floor, or your play style revolves solely around slashing and quick cuts. The durability indoors are not as bad as you might think, but never take it outdoors if you only have one shoe per year.

    5. I’ve played in the mids for about 6 months now (~4 times a week) and it’s really starting to wear down. It works, but I am consistently wiping the shoe throughout the game to maintain the traction. I utilize the euro-step a lot in my game and it’s getting to the point where I’m contemplating not euro-ing anymore. Otherwise, the shoe is absolutely amazing and I’m probably going to buy another pair to replace it.

    6. Ive had mine for 4 months or so. Ive got the solid rubber outsole version,been playing in them on indoor courts, both wood and smooth concrete. the traction is holding up well so far.

  2. The complaints are a little overboard to me. I wore them the first few times and yes, there is a little fraying. After that, I haven’t had any issue. I play in Adult leagues and pickup (all challengers welcome) regularly. Like Chris said, its not an outdoor shoe.

  3. I would simply consider the source of all of those complaints about how long the traction lasts. That said, I am definitely copping the first pair in knit that I see and then like. While I do not like to ball in lows, I love the look of these to chill in.

  4. Thanks for another great review Chris. Your review is spot on. I picked up the blue Wiggins pair. They are now #1 in my rotation right ahead of the Harden 1 and Lillard 2. Just a great show that does everything I need really well. Only improvement would be to reduce the weight, but that is nitpicking.

  5. All of this for only 120. Yet Nike manages to put only foam in the Foamposite for kids at 180 SMH. These look so clean. Good performance review by NW.

  6. So, the mid version of this shoe features the same Lycra material as this one, did I understand that correctly?`

  7. I was able to get the white primeknit model in my usual size (9.5), but I ended up returning it and ordered a 10. The forefoot was WAY TOO TIGHT for my liking. I read other people’s reviews and most have said the same thing about the tight forefoot. If you can, try out this shoe! I’m waiting on the new pair so I can give a conclusion.

    1. Back with an update. Got my size 10 (half a size up form the usual), and they still feel a bit tight at the forefoot, but it’s not uncomfortable. One might even get away with going a full size up…maybe. I get little to no heel-slip, depending on how tight I lace up. Gonna play a few games and see what happens!

      1. Thanks for the update. I’m having same issue. I wear size 10 in Nikes. Been playing in Kobe IX China pack for 2 years. On the hunt for a new pair of sneaks for > 6 months. I love everything about the IX but the lunarlon is done..

        Got the PKs. Thought these were gonna be my new babies. They are very, very pretty. The size 10 feels good length and width wise. 9.5 is too tight. I’m concerned with the lacing system and lockdown. Fearing heel slippage. My foot doesn’t feel super locked in when they’re laced up tight.. Haven’t taken them for a spin yet. Considering sending both pairs back and buying some IX Elites off eBay. #FWP Please let me know how they perform for you. Ball hard!

      2. Back again after some casual playing. Going up half a size up from normal DEFINITELY helped me with the shoe. Traction was solid, even though it didn’t feel like it on my dusty 24hour Fitness court. I did not experience any hot spots as someone did/mentioned on here. Experienced very little heel slipping, but then I pushed my feet back to the heels of the shoe and laced them up. Fit problem solved for me! Basically, don’t have your feet too up in the forefoot.

  8. Agree with Eddie. The CE high fits perfectly on my foot and is by far the best basketball shoe for me. I purchased the same size in a low, and the forefoot is way too tight. I wanted to love the shoe so much, but just couldn’t. I’ll keep them for casual wear because they do look way better than the highs.

  9. so upset they don’t have these in Canada. come on, adidas! These and the Crazylight Boost primeknit are the ones i want the most, and neither are in Canada, and no mention of release date so far. anyone wanna mail me a size 10 to Toronto? 😛

  10. I had the same forefoot issue with it being too tight even though they’re the same size has the highs. Oddly enough, the Jordan 29 lows had a similar fit issue for me in that the lows were way tighter than the mids. I ended up breaking in the 29 lows but these seem even tighter and I just didn’t want to go through that again. I plan on trying the primeknit version. Hopefully the forefoot fits me better.

    1. It is really similar. The stuff on the Crazy Quick was slightly thinner and had that rubber stuff on it. The Crazy explosives are the same though and its nice feeling and its got that nice stretch too.

  11. Thanks for the review.

    I have the prime-knits and the other — amazing cushion and fit.

    But the forefoot — PAIN! It’s SO thin — after an hour of full-court it’s like the floor is burning a hole through my forefoot. Not only is the insole like thinly sliced ham but the lack of boost is killer. Trying various substitute insoles to remedy this. i NEED these to work. As a guard with a crappy knee — cushion and comfort and lightweight are key.

    Not sure there’s a better option out there — but be warned — the forefoot cushion is barely there.

    1. Appreciate your feedback, Joe.

      Gotta have that cushion right in order to keep the body from screaming at you.. Part of getting older. 🙂

    2. Honestly it sounds like you have a injury. Sounds like a bone bruise. The forefood is not as thin as Jordan’s or kobes and people ball in those just fine.

    1. Crazy Explosive Low — both prime knit and other.

      The barely there forefoot cushion leads to “hot spots” after less than an hour of full court….burning through…very painful. 6’2″ 185lb guard here so it’s not extra weight causing it.

  12. I just played some rec ball for 2 hours and the pk version holds well. i think they are a bit heavy but other than that, these are A1 shoes. it’s hard to describe that boost feeling. they feel like my running ultra boost but made for bball.

  13. I want to cop the pk but am worried About the sizing.
    In the Hardens Vol.1 pk, I have a size (us) 10.5, should I cop the same size in the crazy explosive lows? Please advise. Thanx and greetings from Holland.

  14. Concerned about the fit here. Has any wide footers tried either the regular and primeknit version? How does it feel on court?

    Also, this is one of the rare few which we go true to size length wise right?

    1. you’ll have to go true to size. these fit snug and may take some break in time. i say you order 2, one is your normal size other is a size up then return on Adidas after you try them on. that is what i did, i normally wear size 11 true to size and order 10.5 and 11 and return whichever one i felt does not work for me. buy from Adidas so you can return it easy. also, get that 15% coupon from adidas. i ended up buying sz 11. i have the hardens one 13 below also and i play in sz 10.5 in the hardens.

      1. Unfortunately I’m not in the US and the shoe isn’t available in my country. I plan to buy them through someone I know who is traveling to the US.

        From what I read, many people even say they should’ve bought 0.5 size up. Is this accurate?

  15. I went TTS and my right toe hits the end of the shoe, won’t work. This is the same size I went with for the D Lillard 2 which is probably too big by a half size in comparison, so they are about a full size different for me (both adidas brand). I experienced the sensation of heel slip which probably felt worse than it actually was, not sure if this would go away after more break-in or not, but I couldn’t get it off my mind during my brief time playing in these. If this was resolved for me, I think the shoe would lockdown pretty well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to lock it in more with the laces, they maybe could have improved the design there. These shoes after very comfortable to walk in due to the heel boost. I do agree with others that I wasn’t able to feel the forefoot boost. I can tell that there is something there but it isn’t ‘boosty’ for me when running/jumping. Overall, I am planning on returning these and waiting for another low shoe to come out, maybe the D Rose 7.

  16. Copped this shoe from eastbay all the way to Melbourne (we don’t get much love down under). I went tts, and it does feel tight at the forefoot area but I have faith that the material should break-in for a more proper and comfortable fit just like most sneakers. So far I love the cushioning from forefoot to heel, been balling with jordan 28 and 29 for the past 4 years and my knees have taken a beating, plus I believe I got plantar fasciitis due to lack of proper heel cushioning. I do believe I’d get more mileage with the boost setup.

  17. Anyone tried the newer versions that have a solid non translucent outsole? I’m not an Eastbay worker or promoter but they seem to be the only place that has these newer models.


    They’ve also got the Jayhawks PE’s up now too.

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