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adidas Crazy 8 Performance Review

The adidas Crazy 8 was a wonderful performance model back in ’98 and they still play well today.

Traction — 8/10
Cushion — 8.5/10
Material — 9.5/10
Fit — 9.5/10
Ventilation — 0/10

Overall — 7.1

Value — At $100, this is a fantastic purchase for both performance and casual use. Despite the overall 7.1 score, these are highly recommended in my personal opinion. Please take note that the reason the overall score is 7.1 is only due to the fact that I rated the ventilation at 0. Even with this low ventilation score, the fit made up for the lack of ventilation and helped keep the foot in place while playing in them perfectly.

When looking at the rating scale, you must pay close attention to the areas that are important to YOU. Example: If you need traction and fit over all else, the rating given to those areas are what you should be looking at… not the overall score.

  1. Believe it or not, this is the first time that these are being retroed.
    Great performance review, I can’t believe the ventilation was a Zero lol. Which ventilation was worse, this or the Micro G clutch.

  2. Good job, nice review. Just gonna throw it out there for your info, I like the old intro better IMO :/ Also, which review is next?

  3. Another great review. I got these when they’re first retroed. Definitely the most durable shoes i’ve ever wore. Survived countless hours of outdoor play. Cushion would be better IMO but I am heav lol.

  4. Nice review as always…too bad there was no ventilation on the shoe..but definitely a possible cop for me…kinda dig them even before you review..but your review reassure it for me. Whats next on your list for a 3 stripe shoe? D Howards?

  5. Terrific review as always. I was intrigued by the lacing tip you had. I played in them twice since I got them and so far, I’m liking them despite the clunky and heavy looking exterior. I was definitely not mistaken in getting these man..

        1. It doesnt effect performance in this shoe due to the fit and phylon cage. The under armour micro g clutch was an example of the material not holding up due to wear and tear plus lack of moisture management which ended up hurting the shoes performance.

  6. My brother told me that you can rub shaving cream on the leather part to make the softening process faster. This is what he does with new baseball gloves. Just thought it might help. Patiently anticipating your review on the KDIV and Fly Wade 2, these are the two shoes I am planing to get for ballling in 2012. More power man.

  7. I got these about a month ago, they felt great at first. Then all of a sudden they started making my side and top of my foot hurt. Feels like the rubber spot on the outside is pressing into my foot. Did you have any issues with that happening?

  8. For this upcoming travel basketball season im choosing between the crazy 8’s or the melo m9’s which shoe overall would be best.
    Most important: Traction, comfort
    Least important: Ventilation

  9. Thanks for the review. Will be wearing these in the upcoming season thanks to this review. Wore the Hologram Kobe’s in last years season, was skeptical but after this I think I’m set.

  10. Hi! Great review as always! I would just like to know if buying these shoes half a size higher will ruin it’s great fit and lockdown. I did not expect this shoe to sell out one day after its release here in Manila, leaving only size 8.5s available when I am originally a size 8. Hope you see this sir and more power!

    1. I would not recomend going up .5. I wear size 10 and I felt it’s a little bit on the loose side fit wise. Might have to play in these with a thick sock (like the adidas Rose socks) or two regular socks on each foot.

      1. Agreed… These fit wider but there a lot lighter than expected. I would not recommend a 1/5 size higher… I wear a 12 n I have wiggle room just enough

  11. hi there nice review, i always wanted to have this shoe during it first release. Is this still available? i’m from Manila, Philippines and wonder if it can be shipped here?

  12. How would you rate this shoe now with your new rating system? Would you recommend these as your only shoe for a whole season?

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