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adidas Crazy 2 (KB8 II) – Available Now

The original KB8 II is back in their OG puple makeup with a new name, the adidas Crazy 2. If you wanted to grab a pair then you can now at Packer Shoes.

adidas Crazy 2 (KB8 II) - Available Now 1

adidas Crazy 2 (KB8 II) - Available Now 2

adidas Crazy 2 (KB8 II) - Available Now 3

adidas Crazy 2 (KB8 II) - Available Now 4

adidas Crazy 2 (KB8 II) - Available Now 5

  1. what’d they do to the outsole?! the whole point of the shoe is Feet You Wear. on this it is clearly some type of cheap imitation. on the original the purple FYW pods are separate from the rest of the outsole and connected by Torsion. there is no way this new version will feel or play anything like a real FYW shoe. what a huge disappointment. more or less this is a fake version of the shoe

    1. It should play similar. There are contours where there used to be cut out space. adidas said when they changed things on a Retro its with performance enhancements in mind so I’m so there had to be a logical performance reason for the switch. Maybe this version will play better, possibly the OG were more prone to having rubber pieces wear away and tear away from the outsole similar to how the Spawn’s outsole did thus they fixed the issue by making it one piece with contoured flex grooves. The differences wont have an affect on the feet you wear placement, maybe only the flexibility and even then itd be pretty minimal. Its not a drastic change IMO.

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