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adidas Boost Launch Event Highlights feat. Derrick Rose & Damian Lillard

On Sunday, July 17, adidas held an exclusive unveiling of the first Boost basketball shoe at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The highlights showcase Damian and Derrick joining former NBA player and event emcee Greg Anthony to introduce the all-new Crazylight Boost and D Rose 5 Boost basketball shoes.

Boost, an industry-first cushioning innovation brings game-changing energy return, comfort and responsiveness to players when they need it most. – adidas

Select media were in attendance of the “Boost Your Game” experience, and also had the chance to hoop with adidas athletes including Joakim Noah, Jrue Holiday, Jeff Teague, Tim Hardaway Jr, Arron Afflalo and new signee Marcus Smart.

Crazylight Boost will be available at on September 1st for $140 and D Rose 5 Boost will be available October 23rd for $160.

  1. 140? Holy crap. Next hoop shoe for me then. I thought they’d cost more as the boost running line is quite expensive.

  2. I personally love Boost, I’ve tried the original energy boost running shoe, but it’s kind of funny that adidas doesn’t do the drop test live.

    1. I think the reason they dont do a live droptest because they wont be able to do it in slow motion which will hinder the effect of the energy return

      1. They have a metal ball axle which is on the wall in a adidas store in china, one has boost and one has their standard Eva and you can basically do something similar. It’s apparent that the boost makes the metal ball rebound with more energy.

  3. Hey nightwing
    Down here in china, Guangzhou for holidays and the adidas crazy light boost is already out in the official store.
    The blue color way and dame color way was there. They costed 165$ after I converted the currency.!!!

  4. I think if the Rose releases in the right colors, it might have finally trumped Jordan for me. XX9 looks dope, but my wallet and my feet can look dope in the Drose.

  5. I hope the boost doesn’t start to yellow similar to what happened with my adidas boost running shoes. The D-rose 5.0 is going to be crazy. There is something about derrick’s shoes that when you lace them up you instantly think you can two hand slam on someone.

  6. The pricing on the D Rose 5.0 has actually been changed to $140. So the same price as the Crazylight Boost, just a later release date.

    1. That’s crazy, but I’m not complaining. I guess you have to choose between a lighter ride sooner, or wait two months for a more luxurious ride for the same price.

    2. Wow, that price change is awesome if true.

      For that person that bought the Crazylight Boost already in Australia, have you had a chance to play in them yet? And does the store you bought them from do shipping? Are you able to tell me the name of the store you got them from? and for how much?

  7. Check on the D Rose 5’s for $140 on October 23rd. They will actually release a week earlier then that on October 16th for $140! Cant Wait

  8. Anyone know if boost is hard to clean? Of course I plan on playing in them and it won’t affect performance (putting that out there before I get a smart ass answer) but I am just curious. Has anyone who has a boost shoe experienced difficulty cleaning it if you have ever tried cleaning it?

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