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adidas Basketball – Fall 2014 Lineup

adidas has some great sneakers lined up for the fall this year, including the Crazy Light Boost, J Wall and D Rose 5. Some of the designs on the uppers on the shoes look really cool. My favorite is probably the “Brenda” colorway of the D Rose 5. I also have to ask: Where are the Lillards? Stay tuned to WearTesters.com for more from adidas hoops, as you won’t want to miss Boost in a basketball shoe.
adidas bball 2014



  1. i saw a mid level shoe from adidas. it looked solid. called crazy strike. it had an adaptive fit like midfoot strap lace eyelet. and similar to the new rose line’s traction. they seem not to be promoting it much but it released without fanfare. hope someone would take a look at it. its aroung the price of the ghost, fast and shadow. from what the wall showed, it looked to have a similar midsole.

    1. I saw em too cant decide between those and the d rose 4s which I love but never got a pair of. The design on the back of the strikes is what gets me. Should’ve done that years ago

  2. Does anyone know what are the shoes between the d rose 5’s and john wall’s and between the cl dame pe’s and red/black/blue d rose 5’s?

    1. I think its the rose 773 3 between dames pe and one of the rose 5s because it has the rose logo on the tongue and the same shape as the 773 3s

  3. Dayum! Them Brenda’s are heat! I’ll take them Canvas Rose 5s too pls! Walls look dope…wonder if they got Boost tho…

    1. as well as rose’s 2nd comeback. the length of time he had in between seasons seem like he had a retirement already. cant wait.

  4. Id buy lillards shoe but am afraid they will just stand there looking awkward while the opposing teams guard runs around me without so much as a crossover.

    Someone call me when he Boosts is defence

  5. I can’t wait for the rose 5 to go on miadidas but I’m gonna have to wait because I already customized a pair of 773 iii

  6. I’m also excited about the Drose 5, but you can’t forget about the J Wall signature shoe. I’m really curious how those would play like. Boost is going to be the same on all boost equiped shoes, the main difference is the overall performance other than the cushion.

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