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adidas adiZero SpeedWrap Review

Here is the full review ont he adidas adiZero SpeedWrap.

This is a great product, in my opinion.

The SpeedWrap offers full range of motion while it aids in injury prevention which can be pretty rare to find. While you can roll your ankle on the medial side, it is rare and typically players roll the lateral side of the ankle.

For $29.99, you can’t really ask for more.

Pros – Lightweight, flexible, machine washable & supportive right where you typically roll your ankle on the lateral side.

Cons – May be misused as a tool to help rehab an injury, Velcro strap will fray inner lining of the shoes unless a low cut but could happen to some low cut models, fit is a bit tight and can be difficult to put on at first.


  1. If my shoe sizes were 9.5 for the d rose 2.5 and a 10 for fly wade 2, should i get M or L for the speedwraps?

  2. i wear ’em on the rose 2. I love them, but one thing, that i don’t like is, that they ‘re too tight at the sole.

    My shoe size is 10.5 for the rose 2 and i wear L for the speed wraps.

    Good review, Mr. Nightwing 🙂

  3. Im size 9.5 in most shoes and i got the L. I dont have that strap problem, the strap is actually able to go fully across. Did i get too big of a size? Im just wondering how big of a difference an m and l is.

    1. Honestly, im not sure. I assume it mostly depends on ankle shape or size… Some people have skinny ankles and some dont even though they may wear the same sz brace.

      1. Hi, I’m a 8,5 and i wear them in L. Ordered them in M before and they did fit pretty bad. Also the strap was as short as seen in the vid. Ordered them in L afterwards and now everything’s perfect. Also the strap has perfect length and sits higher so it doesn’t damage the shoes that easy. So as Nightwing said, it really depends on how strong your ankle and lower legs are. Can’t find another reasonable explanation but the sizing scale seems to be relative.

  4. Yo, Nightwing, I’d been watching all of your shoe reviews and all I can say is you did a pretty good job on every shoe review. You’re like a shoe scientist. Just want to ask one question if you know where I can order a pair of this speedwraps to be ship here in Philippines?

  5. i’ve been looking all over for the speedwraps in a medium and since theyre apparantly out of stock everywhere, what would you recommend as a good substitute?

  6. Hey, I’m look for a pair of these speedwraps, but I can’t find them anywhere. I couldn’t even find them on the adidas site. Any suggestions for where to look for them?
    I’m thinking of getting these with my kobe 7’s. Sound like a decent idea?

  7. I loved these when I first got them because they were so much more lightweight and breathable than my ASO brace. But after a few wears I believe they started to warp, because the plastic piece on my lateral side started digging into my ankle to the point where I couldnt play. This didnt happen for both sides just one side. So after about 5 wears I had to return them to eastbay as a defective item.

  8. been loving my speed wraps , rock em w/ the 1.5 and soon gonna cop the 3s , hope they have been great for you nightwing as they were for me !

  9. sir/mam may i have a question …i do not now what size of adizero speedwrap can i buy becouse my size is 9.5us theres no size in the box sizing of speed wrap are 7-9 is Small size and another is 10-12 sizing i dont know were is the 9.5us size sir pls help me im a filipino sorry for my english…..tnx

  10. I’m a size 12 and 1/2 at the d rose 2.5 and a size 13 in the kobe 7 what size should i get? I have skinny ankles.
    Btw nice review. (;

  11. I’m not sure if Nightwing digs this deep into the comments to year-old review, but I’ll ask anyway and hope for the best ). You said that you don’t recommend this wrap if somebody has already twisted his ankle. I think there isn’t a single baller out there who has never rolled an ankle )) So, the question: if I injured an ankle, say, a month ago, and now it feels ok, but I don’t want it to happen again — will these work? Or I still need a brace with more support?

    1. not sure if you picked up one of these but after a serious sprain this is the only brace the gives me the comfort and stability to play with confidence. took a couple months off before hitting the court but started to wear the brace on my injured ankle once I got out of the walking boot. have used for walking when i’m out all day, light hiking and balling. i wish there were others like this with out the huge three stripe logo and other colors to match my shoes but these seriously work better and are more comfortable than the mcdavids or other similar brands. plus they actually fit ok in your shoes without going up a half-size (which is nearly impossible for me since I wear a 13).

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