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adidas adiZero Rose 2.5 Performance Review

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Traction – These are a step up from the Rose 2 and very similar to that of the Crazy Light but not quite as ‘sticky’ due to the difference in rubber.

On perfectly clean floors the traction was near perfect. There were even times I had too much grip on the floor, I know it sounds weird but there is such a thing as too much grip. Dusty courts faired above average as well as the grooves are easy to keep moderately clean with a simple wipe or with the use of a traction mat.

Outdoor play probably won’t be able to hold up long term but it will provide you with ample traction while it lasts.


Cushion – The same setup is found as what we had initially seen in the Crazy Light.

The small cutout shape in the SprintFrame’s heel provides you with great impact protection while the forefoot is complete adiPrene foam. One thing I loved was the modifications to the foam itself. The Rose 2 were very firm – I did enjoy it – while the Crazy Lights were very soft – I enjoyed that as well – and the 2.5 brings you a perfect blend between the two making for a consistent ride from heel to toe… something that a Guard needs and typically prefers.

The PU insole also provides with additional comfort especially against the SprintFrame which sits directly under foot.


Material – While the materials are all synthetics, they are flexible and durable at the same time. I really loved the change on the toe cap with the removal of the cracked looking synthetic which was replaced by a smooth glossy finish. No complaints in the material department whatsoever, this is consistent with most adidas sneakers in general… affordable quality the whole way through.

Fit – This is where I had a love/ hate relationship. I loved the narrow and slender fit featured on the Rose 2 even though I know it won’t accommodate most foot shapes. While the 2.5 will better accommodate a wider variety of foot shapes, the toe didn’t feel as snug as what I had in the 2’s. This is not something that will bother most people and it did not restrict their overall performance, just a personal preference.


Ventilation – You can’t get anything better in the ventilation department that what you receive with SprintWeb. I have said this many times and will continue to say this until something better comes along. When it comes to air flow, SprintWeb is above the rest of the competition.

They did feature some slight additions to the overall ventilation as well with the addition of some small perforations on the toe (didn’t make a huge difference) and the mesh tongue.


Support – The SprintFrame is awesome. It’s lowered in the heel yet still provides ample lockdown and support. My favorite little tweak is the extention of the lateral frame into the forefoot which added some much needed support for those who are quick on their forefoot.

Whether you were driving, slashing, curling screens or on defense… the support found in the 2.5 is superior than its comparable sneakers; Rose 2 & Crazy Light.


Overall – No frills or gimmicks, adidas provides you with some of the best performance that your money can buy and you save some cash while you are at it when compared to other available sneakers.
These were wonderful to play in and as of now, they are a contender for this year’s Top 5 Performers.

Traction – 9/10
Cushion – 9/10
Material – 9/10
Fit – 8.5/10 (slightly wider fit for me personally at the toe)
Ventilation – 9/10
Support – 10/10

Overall – 9/10

  1. Hey. Nice review! Couple questions for ya

    1. These vs. the Fly Wade 2. Which would you choose?
    2. Also between these and the Fly Wade 2, which is wider, and which is a lower cut?


  2. love the review, great stuff.
    I’ve been loving what adidas does to performance shoes since the adizero ghost. What adidas has been doing compared to the bigger brand is way down to earth. Great quality great price point, just really hope more and more people give adidas basketball sneakers a try 😉

  3. Nice man, I’m glad the shoes were as awesome to you as they are to me. I love playing in my 2.5’s, best bball I’ve played in years. These were the first pair of Adidas I’ve bought for bball and if the rose line keeps improving it’s the only sig shoe I’ll buy in future versions. I even went ahead and bought me some Rose 1.5 ASG since I heard so many good things about them for playing bball in.

  4. Great Review! Always appreciate the time and effort put in your testing phase.
    I think its only EVA in the midsole not Adiprene which is usually found in the running shoes.

      1. If I had to guess, Micro G is the most unique cushioning around in the sneaker department. Its super plush and soft. Despite how soft it feels, its very responsive and very resilient. Its really amazing how plush it feels but at the same time responsive and to have that long term is a thing of beauty.

  5. Do these shoes work better with Elite Nike socks, Blister ones or the Platinum Elite socks? 😛

    Since everything is about Linsanity these days…how would Lin do in these shoes?

    BTW..nice review again….you made do double take on your foam cushioning recommendation..something to think especially as I’m getting older on my bones, joints, etc..

      1. Hope you had a chance to play in Rose’s previous models (including Cut Creator & Supernatural Creator). I’ve heard so many high praises for SNC, Rose 1&1.5 .

  6. Awesome review! Really enjoying all of the your reviews. Straight up performance, do you prefer the Air Jordan 2012A, Fly Wade 2, or aidZero 2.5? Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the reviews man, I’m a constant lurker and appreciate the effort. I was wondering if you’d recommend these for me, I have wide feet, but prefer light shoes that allow me to cross, drive, etc.

  8. Great reviews! I was thinking about picking up some Q flights after I saw your review on them plus they are on sale but after seeing the review on the 2.5s and have wanting to try out an adidas shoe to ball in which one would you pick between the two?

  9. Hey Nightwing. Great reviews! I just wanted to know which one (the wades and the rose 2.5)you would recommend for a 1 or 2 guard. From a durability and cushion standpoint because well i use shoes with airmax bags and they do hurt my joint after playing for a while. Thanks and keep up with the reviews man, GREAT job.

  10. I’m glad you’re going to be looking into the earlier Rose models – while the 2’s and 2.5’s are great kicks I personally think the puremotion setup in the 1’s and 1.5’s are better for stabiloty and responsiveness.

  11. Great review just like always! i m thinking about picking up another pair of rose2 to ball in, would u choose 2 or 2.5? despite the bungee thing problem on the 2

  12. hey nightwing! great review.. i hope you keep it up. but i was wondering i’m aout to buy a shoes but i can’t choose from this adizero ghost, adizero rose 2.5, adizero stupidly light or you can recommend other shoes. I play in a shooting guard position..i would really appreciate if you help me.

  13. Sounds like a big improvement from the 1.5’s. Great review!

    About the shoes…I got this problem and maybe you can help. I’ve been balling for about 18 years now and never had ankle problems until recently. 5 months ago i had a pretty bad sprain that’s not even fully healed now. My ankle is about 90% but my foot arch is kinda collapsed, makes my left foot even flatter than usual and i do have pretty wide feet in general!.

    So…i guess u kinda know where I’m getting at. I had my first basketball game 2 days ago and all seemed well at first but after about 30 min, I kept feeling every impact with my left ankle and i know I JUST KNOW its because of the crappy cushioning in my adizero rose 1.5s! I need to get rid of them and go back to nikes. I’m trying to decide between Hyperdunk 2011, LeBron 8 PS, Melo M8, CP3 V and Fly Wade 2. I’ve heard you say cp3 V and fly wade 2 aren’t that friendly to people with wider feet but keep in mind I’m a 6’0 guard who plays pretty low to the ground. Yet because of my weak ankle i need great cushioning and a very flexible frame basically. Because the rose 1.5s are pretty rigid, especially in the middle section.

    Any thoughts? (great cushioning, flexible frame, not alot of overall rigidity) ..basically something similar to those older Air Max models from a few years ago that almost had zero rigidity to them.


    PS: @eduardoc: I have those exact ASG 1.5s and I’m starting to hate them more and more because of the really rigid construction and the poor cushioning. If you have perfectly healthy ankles, you don’t really feel it, but with a weak one, its awful!

    1. I agree with you on the rose 1.5. ive been rotating the 1.5 with the lebron 8 v1 and had a nasty ankle sprain while wearing the 1.5. landed on someones foot while going for a rebound.the ankle support is simply hot up to par on the 1.5. however i was in a similar situation with the v1s and the ankle support on it protected my ankle so much i was as up and running after a few minutes on the sideline walking it off and putting on an ankle sleeve. heel cushioning on the 1.5 is a bit stiff as i always had to ice my feet after wearing them for long games and my achilles tendons were sore. my only caveat with the v1s was my feet feel numb from muscle burn for the 1st few minutes of a game so much that i could barely jump. im not sure if its the max bag thats causing it (too soft) or i have weak foot muscles. i dont, however have the problem with the 1.5. lockdown on the v1 is excellent with the inner bootie and heel cup working together to clamp your foot down. it would be nice if adidas can approximate the lockdown and fit on the lebrons. im asian and at 5’7 170 lbs. i play mostly the 2 and the 3, sometimes moving over to the 4 in some rec league games.i used to play the 1 in college but 10 yrs and 30 lbs later…lol!

  14. To eduardoc

    I actually picked up two pairs of the 1.5s you linked the very first day they were listed. I have had a searched saved on eBay for “Adidas 1.5” for a while. I was able to get two size 9s and am waiting for them to arrive quite impatiently.

  15. Hi Nightwing2303, I found one of your reviews yesterday and immersed myself until late hours watching rest of them. You are doing brilliant job mate! YouTube and website. Keep it up. There are a lot of reviews around which focus mainly on esthetics but you look into performance and how it feels on the court which is more important to me. Although good looks is a bonus 🙂

  16. At the moment I am considering getting one of these:
    > rose 2.5
    > nike air max fly by
    > jordans 2011
    > jordans 2012
    > jordans melo

    Did you have any experience with Fly by’s?

    Another thing, have you ever tried changing standard insoles for good quality Dr Foot’s, Spenco’s or SofSole’s insoles? I’m wondering if it would actually improve the performance. It seems that some out of box insoles are not that great (apart from Jordans I guess).

    1. I havent played in the Fly By but theyre the same as the Hyperfuse with reversed cushion setup.

      I have swapped insoles on occasion, Hyperfuse being one occasion, and its a good option to take for additional cushion.

      1. I bought rose 2.5s and played a few games indoors on semi-clean floors. Overall they are great, your review is spot on, especially regarding toe space (which I don’t mind), these shoes are comfortable and let you feel that you are in control.

  17. Hate to be off topic but considering that Melo M8 have best cushioning, are they apropriate for a small & quick PG? Are they light enough or allow you to twist and bend as low to the ground as Fly Wade 2s, CP3s, Hyperdunks or Hyperfuse? Because if the difference is small, I’ll go with the M8s.

  18. Hey, Great review as always! I just got myself the all-star colorway and played in them for like 3 hours. THESE ARE AWESOME! However the traction was somewhat lack due to the clear sole, i had to clear the sole very often. The court i played on was very very dusty tho, until the point where after a few game, a few area of the upper was also covered in dust…LOL. Let me know if you have the same issue with the Howard 2s. I might just have to cop another pair with soild rubber sole…

    1. Thats the down side to clear soles IMO. I try to stay away from them as often as possible but sometimes you just have to take what you get. I havent seen one adipower howard 2 with solid rubber along the entire sole so those will prob have some slipping issues.

  19. How do these rack up to the Crazy lights? Wasn’t a huge fan of them and wanted to know if i didn’t like the crazy lights would i like these?
    Thanks and keep up the great work,

  20. I agree 100 percent on the Fly Wade 2, but do you think the traction on them kinda take away from the slashing and driving as a guard? Also, would you say the traction on the Rose 2.5 are a lot better than the traction on the Fly Wade 2? Thanks again for giving great reviews!

  21. Great review Nightwing. I saw your youtube posts through Sole Supremacy. Keep up the good work. I will bookmark your site because it is very helpful. I hope to get on the court more often though. Do you wear these or any of your other hoops shoes casually as well?

  22. Quick question, for playing outdoors do you recommend the Rose 2 or 2.5’s? Or maybe another shoe. Thanks!

  23. I am looking to get some new shoes for the offseason. I am a guard and prefer light shoes with good cushion.Would you recommend the Rose 2.5’s or the Nike Hyperenforcers?

  24. yo nightwing i was wondering for a guard and a center which would be better these or howard 2? and what do you think about the hyperdunks 2011? if you like them what do you like about them and if not why?

  25. great review! I’m actually considering 3 shoes. the hyperdunk low, rose 2.5 and the fly wade 2. In our country I usually play outdoor wherein the surface is really rough (cement courts.) what can you recommend me to get? thanks and more power.

  26. i was comparing between them and i decided that i’ll buy te low hyperdunks but when i found that the 2.5 is te 3rd on the top ten i started to change decision

    1. Theyre ranked by overall score. When choosing a shoe you should decide based off of the attributes that you need most and compare those ratings not the overall.

  27. hey nightwing, recently i pick up playing bball again and after watching your review i decided to spend money on a pair of rose 2.5 to replace my old flightposite one, and they do not disappoint me and your reviews do help a lot!
    the shoes truly have a lot of room in the toes box, to the point where i think a bit too much.(i have wide feet) yet the ankle lock down is amazingly good that save the day.
    I will B-balling hard with these until Melo9 come out, count on you for the Melo 9 review!=)

  28. Can’t decide between this and the Crazy Light 2. In my country both the shoes are almost the same price. What should I pick?

  29. I have pretty wide feet. Do you think I could still wear these and be comfortable? Or should I wait for the threes..or get a entirely different shoe overall?

  30. Thanks for the review im about to grab a pair of these but im playing outdoors…

    What is a good strategy I should use to help them last longer? 😛

  31. hi,
    I’m planning to get a pair of shoes soon, its down to lunar hyperdunk x 2012 ($140 version) or rose 2.5. which should i get if I’m playing mostly on a dusty outdoor basketball court (not cement, but more of a rubbery type of court). thanks

  32. Hi Nightwing! Great review on the adi shoes. I’ve been playing a while with my kobe 6 and their great. I was wondering how kobe 6’s would par against the adizero rose 2.5 or the crazy light 2. I wanna buy an adi shoe and im stumped right now between the rose 2.5 or crazy light 2. Between these and the kobe 6, which one would you choose? Thanks.

  33. I love all of your shoe reviews! Will you be doing one on the rose 773 any time soon? I’m not sure if they will be as good as the 2.5’s

  34. Dear Nightwing and guys,

    I have the same issue with the wide toe area.
    Is there a way or a practical advice to overcome this problem?
    Exept from that the shoe is great!

    Many thanx

  35. How long does it take for the foam to breaking and be comfortable. On my first try on at footlocker it just felt like there wasn’t much cushion at all. I was thinking it may need a break in time?

  36. Hey!
    Thanks for the great reviews. Nowadays I want to buy some shoe to play indoors. I’m a PG and I am still thinking between 2.0 and 2.5’s. I know that the 2.5’s have got slightly better reviews but when I tried them on I felt like 2.0’s have a better fit (in the feet space) and their design is also better for me. However, I would choose 2.5’s if I knew that its width didn’t affect my moves and the stability of my feet.
    Which should I choose?

  37. Hey nightwing great review as always. Recently i ‘ve bought white/grey version colorway. The sneaker is very compact and i think it has the best value for money rate. It’s my third Adidas basketball shoe since Adidas T-Mac 3.5 and Adidas TS Creator (T-Mac version). I would love to see you doing a performance review for T-Mac line. Personally i believe that was the best signature line of Adidas so far.

  38. Adizero Rose 2.5 or Nike Soldier VI ?? Which one is better for 5’8 135 lbs small, fast, often cutting, crossing ankles guy? I prefer very good traction and ventilation. Pls help!

  39. Hello ! Loved this review , though I was actually looking at the low cut version of the rosé 2.5′s since they were on sale in a local sports shop . Im thinking that the Geofit collar in this shoe adds comfort ,grip and overall better fit for the players foot but since this feature is absent in the low’s do you think it will affect the fit/lockdown of the shoe?? Ive only ever played in mid cuts and my main concern is heel slippage for lows since i wear half a size up on mids but usually tightened laces and the high collars help the shoe fit better so I’m unsure on what size to get for low cuts in general .. Any reply/advice on this matter will be greatly appreciated !! Greetings from Malaysia .

  40. Why are these damn shoes cutting the sides of my feet? What should i do do i bought and the side of my feet are getting cut up

  41. Should I buy Rose 2.5 or Crazy light 2(I’ll be playing in an outdoor cemented court)?

  42. Adidas has truely taken off, this was a great shoe. The Rose 3, Rose 4 have been equally great. The Rose 2.5 is perfect on a clean courts, the 3 as well. It’s time that Adiprene, Boost, and UA’s Micro G take the forefront, much like American cars in the late 80’s vs Japanese cars. A strangle on the market, we’ve seen Air and Boosts systems, which all are surpassed now. Adidas and UA will make a push over the next 1-3 years.

    1. Where would you even find a pair of Rose 2.5s at this time?

      I only own the CP3 VII in this matchup though.

  43. Do the perfomance reviews factor price point and for some of the older shoes and are these shoes being compared to the shoes from the year they come out or all and all?

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