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adidas adiZero Crazy Light Performance Review

Finally, the super long review on the adidas adiZero Crazy Light is now available!

  1. Wow, u straight up stole ADIDAS soul with that review lol. Takes alot of heart to say what u said about a shoe that was given to u by Adidas to review on. Potential partnership ender right there. Nuff respect though. Nuff respect… Guess it’s safe to say I’ll be waiting on the Hyperdunk 2011 review next

  2. how is the performance on PU floor? will the traction be mess up? Please give me some suggestion!Thanks

        1. Lol, i call it the puzzle floor… Strangest surface ive played on so far. The traction will do fine on the floor itself. It may wear off slighty faster since the floor has a bit of texture to it but it wont grind down as quickly as it would outdoor.

  3. What’s about the “forefoot issue” acting on the insole or some shape filling?
    What’s about any personalized strategy way of finding a little improvement on the issue?

  4. I really really appreciate and respect your honesty, in all of your reviews, not just this one. Your reviews are always thorough and astute, and you always tell it exactly how it is. Even in a situation like this, reviewing your first (I think) Adidas shoe (that they sent to review!), you didn’t leave anything out, even the forefoot traction and the eyelet issues. In general I imagine you’re quite often “incentivized”, whether implicitly or explicitly, to give good reviews and rankings, but it seems like you stay true to your readers and yourself. Very impressed. Much respect.

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