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Aaron Gordon Signs With Nike

While most of the high-profile rookies have already signed sneaker deals, Aaron Gordon slipped under the radar and has signed with Nike according the ESPN’s Jeff Goodman. Gordon laced up Nike shoes this year at Arizona, and we have seen him wear the Zoom Crusader for the NBA Summer League. Gordon will look to make an impact this season on the Orlando Magic, a young team that is looking to build with exciting young players such as Victor Oladipo and Gordon. While adidas has signed some of the big name rookies including Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, and Marcus Smart; Nike has gotten an explosive and exciting player in Gordon.

Aaron GordonVia SC


  1. Gordon was a big reach at 4. dont know why Magic didnt just trade down to 8-10 range to pick him. which still would have been too high imo. the good is he’s very athletic. the bad is he has no real position and cant shoot the ball. tweener forwards are almost always unsuccessful in the NBA. think Derrick Williams or Thomas Robinson w/ less skill

    1. Aaron Gordon isn’t a tweener at all, he is much more versatile than both williams and robinson, he is extremely atheletic who has the speed to play small forward, but the defensive versatility to defend 2-guards to power forwards in the nba, his position is small forward, but he is more than athletic enough and good enough at defense to play power forward for limited minutes, remember julius randle is a power forward and aaron gordon is an inch taller than randle, he only needs a mid range jumper and needs to get used to nba game speed and he will be one hell of a small forward who is capable of a few all-star appearances in his career, I agree with he should have gone later in the draft though due to the lack of a present offensive right now.

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