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2014 Doernbecher x Nike Freestyle Designers Revealed

2014 Doernbecher Freestyle Designers Revealed 1

OHSU recently announced the designers of the annual Doernbecher Nike Freestyle for 2014. Click here for the official Doernbecher page. Mark your calendars because the Freestyle collection is set to be revealed on November 7th, 2014. To donate to the Doernbecher children’s hospital, click here. Below are some snippets of the interests of each child as well as my thoughts on what their sneakers could look like:

2014 Doernbecher Freestyle Designers Revealed 2
Clockwise from top right: Alejandro Muñoz, Missy Miller, Caden Lampert, Addie Peterson, Chase Crouch, & Tim Harrmann.

Alejandro Munoz: Vernon Davis (of the San Francisco 49ers,) Despicable Me 2, Marcus Mariota (of the Oregon Ducks), and Christmas.

Thoughts: We’ve seen Oregon Duck inspired Doernbecher sneakers in the past in the 2012 Air Force One, but you get the feeling that this will be 49er inspired (Alejandro is wearing a San Francisco jersey in his official Freestyle photo.)

Missy Miller: Pink, purple, grey, sparkles, High School Musical, Monsters, Inc., movie acting and Broadway.

Thoughts: This one will probably be fun and girly like we’ve seen on previous female Doernbecher designers. I can totally see Broadway lights being a part of the shoe as well.

Caden Lampert: NASCAR, Journey to the Center of the Earth, waking up to sunshine, and having a BBQ and ending the day around a fire pit.

Thoughts: Considering Caden wants to be a NASCAR driver when he grows up, this one will likely be race track inspired, which I think has a lot of potential.

Addie Peterson: Playing the violin, cooking, playing the piano and horseback riding, and Catching Fire. 

Thoughts: A Hunger Games inspired sneaker like the Free Run would be interesting, if they can get the rights to the movie (which is entirely possible, considering the Doernbecher 4 got clearance for a Superman logo.)

Chase Crouch: Red, gold, The Lego Movie, and birthday cakes.

Thoughts: So much to go from here. A Lego inspired sneaker would be awesome, again with the complication of having to obtain the rights.

Tim Haarman: Purple, The Blind Side, Moneyball, his grandfathers, skiing, and pizza.

Thoughts: I can totally see a football/baseball inspired sneaker with those two movies. Who knows, maybe we will finally get the pizza Foamposites that somebody photoshopped a while back.


Let us know in the comments what shoe would match each designer and speculate away on possible inspirations. Which child do you think will get the Jordan design this year?



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