Topo Athletic and Healthy Running Continuing Education Partnership

Topo Athletic and Healthy Running Continuing Education have teamed up. Now, Topo Athletic will serve as the organization’s exclusive footwear partner. Moreover, this will support the first “multi-site running-education course offered globally and approved by the AMA (American Medical Association)” (Topo) and offered in locations all over the globe. Here’s all the information from Topo Atheltic and SportsOneSource:

Healthy Running Continuing Education was created for medical and fitness professionals and focuses on the energetics of running, running skill, injury evaluation and treatment. Content is evidence-based with numerous case scenarios, active drills and exercises, and practical workshops to apply concepts. The course curriculum includes a discussion dedicated to the science behind modern shoe technology and how footwear affects the entire kinetic chain. Healthy Running attendees can receive ongoing education credits for their participation from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), among others.

“It is a privilege to team up with Topo Athletic and its founder, Tony Post, on our mission to educate health care providers, ‪‎coaches, and ‪‎runners in the principles of ‎natural running and how to achieve ‪pain-free ‎health for life,” said Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine and Designer of the US Air Force Efficient Running Project. “Tony’s decades of experience in the ‪sports and ‪footwear industries add an insightful layer to our understanding of the importance of the foot and its function. This knowledge will be reflected in the courses we provide around the country for sports medical professionals interested in helping their patients and clients ‪‎run better with reduced risk of ‪‎injury.”‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Topo Athletic designs footwear that honors the shape and biomechanics of the human foot by encouraging instinctive and natural movement to deliver a better running and fitness experience. The brand is a strong advocate of education that helps runners decipher the latest running fad from what is medically sound.

“It’s funny to say this as the founder of a footwear company, but in my view, there is too much emphasis on running shoes with regard to running health and injury prevention,” said Tony Post, founder and CEO of Topo Athletic. “The Healthy Running Continuing Education courses are an important step towards breaking our dependence on shoes as a cure-all, and really understanding the mechanics that contribute toward long-term running health.”

In addition to partnering with Healthy Running, Topo also named ACUMOBILITY the company’s official mobility education partner. In 2015, ACUMOBILITY created ACU-Running – a program sponsored by Topo Athletic to help runners self-asses and correct the mobility restrictions and stability issues that could negatively affect their running form.

Healthy Running offers “live” continuing education courses around the country with accreditations from American Medical Association, AAFP, ACSM, NASM, BOC/NATA, NSCA, ACE, USATriathlon, and USA Track & Field, as well as a Healthy Running Coach Certification. For more information and course locations, visit Topo customers receive 10 percent off registration with the code “TOPOFRIEND”.

Topo Athletic and Healthy Running 1

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