PEAK TP1 ‘All-Star’

PEAK has some nice kicks ready for Tony Parker’s New Orleans All-Star weekend as two special colorways have been created.

I personally like the Purple pair over the Red pair but they both have unique looks to them. There is no word on if these will release or where they will release but one would assume that you might see them available in New Orleans during the weekend festivities as pretty much every brand will be in attendance showing off their products.

Take a look at both colorways below and let me know what you think.

PEAK TP1 'All-Star'  1

PEAK TP1 'All-Star'  2

PEAK TP1 'All-Star'  3

PEAK TP1 'All-Star'  4

PEAK TP1 'All-Star'  5

Via French Kicks



  1. Got dog it, I fumbled my keyboard getting back over to Peak Canada’s website. That purple is fly! I almost missed out trying to go for the white/black. Good thing my size was already gone the same morning that they restocked.

  2. Ahhhh man, I just did a double take on the pictures and saw “Go Spurs Go.” They are my Rockets’ I-10 rival boooooo!

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