Fans Are Not Happy with the New NBA All-Star Uniforms from adidas

With the 2017 NBA All-Star game about a month away, adidas has officially unveiled the uniforms for the annual event.

This year, the 66th annual NBA All-Star game will be held in New Orleans. It will see the West All-Stars in a primarily black uniform, while the East All-Stars will be sporting a grey uniform, with both kits using the classic blue and red hits.

Upon first look, I had to do a double-take because I literally thought these were the next McDonlads All-American Game uniforms. It is worth noting that the NBA changed the venue of this year’s All-Star festivities this past summer (due to issues with the state of North Carolina) and this could have definitely thrown a huge curveball at whoever is in charge of designing these kits.

Fans on Twitter apparently aren’t too happy and showed their displeasure for the design with a couple of great gifs:

What do you think about this year’s All-Star threads? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below or on social media with the #WearTesters.



  1. No flair
    Below Average
    What’s the theme, nothingness?
    Will be free with every Yeezy purchase

  2. I like them, and of course the internet hates them, that’s the only thing the internet does is hate something. Only people who don’t like them overreact and post on twitter.

    1. That statement is true. It’s kinda hard to find people who like things on the internet and the vast majority of haters are hella big hypocrites

  3. Soo boring.. it looks like a summer league uni or a practice/warm up jersey.
    I betcha some High School kids can design a better looking or at least a far more interesting looking jersey.

  4. The location change definitely threw a HUGE curveball for the designers, but even after that, they should have had that as their top priority. There is no way this is the best adidas could have come up with. I understand that they probably had deadlines because factories do need a good amount of time to make all the jerseys/shirts/pants, as well as the early samples, etc.

  5. I actually like the design, simple as it may be, but I’m just wondering why they say all star on them and not east and west

  6. Wow, taking it back to like 1965. Kinda refreshing, won’t have to worry about anyone trying to mug me for my hard to find jersey…

  7. They could have just given us a plain Blackout vs Whiteout jersey game. That wouldve been better with their kicks and game doing the talking. Similar to the Oregon blackout jersey.

  8. There have been some awful all star uniforms in years past. These aren’t terrible nor or they great. They are just plain mediocre. Oh well. Moving on now…

  9. Very basic, clearly the change of venue resulted in a standard-design. Personally I would’ve done an HWC, easy to produce quickly, easy recognizable, and usually well received by the fans.

  10. Yep not flashy but it might mean more attention will be placed on the all star sneakers. Hope they come out with cool color ways this year

  11. The shorts are dope, but the jerseys fall in line with pretty much most of the boring jerseys in the league. Stop ordering jerseys from Eastbay, NBA.

  12. they have no defining and outstanding aspects, so whats the point of having them as special edition all star jerseys if they arent apart from the rest, like even some teams regular season jerseys have more flair.

  13. I like the shorts, but that’s about it. Even though Nike has been sucking balls at footwear, namely retro models, they kinda got the uniform thing down. Excited to see the end of sleeved jerseys, and the Nike performance gear for next years uniforms. Aeroswift anyone?

  14. Couldn’t care less. I don’t even watch the game anymore and if I did, I’m sure the the uniforms won’t be thought about after the first four alley-oops in the the first 45 seconds.

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