The adidas Harden Vol. 1 ‘Home’ is Available Now

The adidas Harden Vol. 1 has seen decent success since releasing the first four colorways and this Saturday will see the release of the ‘Home’ colorway.

If you’re planning on grabbing a pair then you can do so now as eBay seller kickz-boutique has the shoe available for $160. The price is a bit steep, as is the international shipping charge — an additional $25 — but it is available now if you wanted to secure your pair. If not then we’d recommend heading over to Foot Locker’s Launch Locator to see if the shoe will be available in your area.

Let us know if you plan on grabbing a pair of the adidas Harden Vol. 1 ‘Home’ this Saturday, January 7, for $140 below and stay tuned for further updates on future colorways.

adidas harden vol 1 home 5

adidas harden vol 1 home 3

adidas harden vol 1 home 2

adidas harden vol 1 home 1

adidas harden vol 1 home 1


Images via kickz-boutique



  1. not a huge fan of this colorway (i also don’t really wanna be playing ball in something with white leather on the toe), but i’m definitely getting another pair of these after playing in them for the first time last night (i have the black xeno pair)….incredible shoe, low, fluid and fast, with a very balanced feel, reliable traction and incredible lockdown, if there was a *tiny* bit less room in the forefoot/toe area- a problem that is also present in the clb 2016- then it would be a PERFECT shoe for me

    1. Yeah I agree on the white toe – I grabbed the white D Rose 7 PK and it starts to look beat up after the first game.

        1. The white D Rose 7 – one toe drag and it is marked up – I imagine the white leather cap of the harden will show wear quickly too – white is just a tough colour for performance b-ball shoes

  2. If its going to be white, White Leather is the best way to go. Easy to clean vs White Knit. I’ve play in my Pioneers a few times and they still look clean.

    1. Agreed. My Pioneers look fine after repeated wears on the court. The white leather is durable and way better for “looking” clean after playing ball in them than a PK toe…

  3. Tough shoe to get along with as a narrow-footer. Heel counter isn’t as aggressive as in the CE and Rose 7. Flat laces + Rose 4 insole + meticulous lacing method locks me in. If another pair goes for cheap I’ll probably try full size down.

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