Video: Under Armour Curry One Innovation

The anticipation for Stephen Curry’s first signature model couldn’t be higher.

Under Armour introduces some new technology in the Curry One, and the video below showcases what you can expect from the performance side of the Curry One. Everything from Anafoam, to the new Charge Micro G midsole is explained briefly in this amazing video that only gets me more excited for February 13th.

Do you think Curry is the most unguardable player in the NBA?


  1. Absolutely not. Lebron is unguardable, and so is KD. Both are far superior offensive players, all around. Westbrook scores at will, and although his scoring numbers aren’t that high, nobody can match john wall’s speed one on one.

  2. how would you go about evaluating the ‘unguardability’ of a player? lebron is not unguardable, look at the jobs kawhi and jimmy butler did on him last year, KD is not unguardable, look at him against the grizzlies last year, westbrook is his own worst enemy, wall’s jumper, while much improved, still isn’t exactly ‘money’
    when any of these dudes are in ‘the zone’, though, they are unstoppable, but then you could make a case for dudes like klay thompson, too, in that third quarter recently he could throw a three lying down and it would still splash…while we’re on the subject i’d throw jimmy harden, who is the one player in the nba who can get to the rim at will, and melo, who is by far the most complete offensive player in the league, in there…

    as for mr curry…steph needs a TINY bit of daylight to get his jumper off, he has so many ways to take shots off the dribble, and he’s a fantastic ball-handler, the fact that defenses have to respect his jumper from basically anywhere on the court helps the warriors’ entire offense… if we’re talking about one-on-one offense few people would mention him in the same breath as a kobe, a kyrie irving or whatever, but is there an offensive player that is more important to his team than steph is?

    1. That is one hell of an analysis man. It was genuinely a great read because you make some extremely valid points. In there own rights, many of those players could be on that list but the definition I guess would be the determining factor as “unguardable” leaves a lot to interpretation.

    2. Then what if they start putting the Leonard’s and Butler’s of the league on Curry? You’re not factoring that in.. You’re making a valid statement about how players fit within the team etc, but with that you also ignore that most PG’s are not the best defenders on their team by any stretch of the imagination. Most elite defenders are either 2s or 3s.

      1. if the likes of leonard, butler, allen and iguodala could stop steph curry (the first three did guard him at points last season), i don’t think it would be insensible to make them guard him, you’re right that there aren’t a whole lot of PGs that are known for their defense, but you do know that there is such a thing as help defense, and that they have to consistently shoot over taller, stronger dudes all the time, right?

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