Up Close and Personal with the Nike KD 11 ‘Still KD’

One of our most anticipated basketball shoes of 2018 is nearly upon us so we’ve gotten up close and personal with the Nike KD 11 ‘Still KD’.

Nike officially unveiled the KD 11 ‘Still KD’ earlier today, and the brand had us at full-length Zoom Air and a React foam midsole. The combination alone is intriguing enough to make the shoe easily top our most anticipated sneaker of the year list.

While we don’t know how the KD 11 will perform, we’re very excited to see how it feels on-foot. With the KD 10 being a letdown compared to the the KD 9, the KD 11 looks and sounds promising. Getting up close with the materials only furthers our excitement as the June 18 release can’t come soon enough (although it is the blue ‘Paranoid’ colorway releasing that day, according to Nike). Pricing has yet to be announced so we’re all hoping that the $150 price point of KD’s last two models won’t see an increase.

Enjoy the images and details surrounding the Nike KD 11 in the ‘Still KD’ colorway and share your thoughts/anticipation on the upcoming Nike Basketball model below in the comment section.

nike kd 11 still kd up close 0

nike kd 11 still kd up close 3

nike kd 11 still kd up close 2

nike kd 11 still kd up close 7

nike kd 11 still kd up close 4

nike kd 11 still kd up close 8

nike kd 11 still kd up close 5

nike kd 11 still kd up close 6

nike kd 11 still kd up close 1

nike kd 11 still kd up close 2

nike kd 11 still kd up close 9

nike kd 11 still kd up close


Images via @conkeror21


  1. I’m hoping that the cushioning on these will feel like a slightly lower riding, more stable LeBron 15. Love the pull tab and the seemingly stretchier entry point (last two models were impossible for me to get into… By the time I put them on I had already decided that they weren’t the right shoes for me.)

    Stoked about the black and white colour way too… KD11 and AJ XXXIII… it’s gonna be a great 2nd half of 2018.

  2. Oreo flyknit with translucent sole and what might be INCREDIBLE cushion? Nike. You know me too well. TAKE MY MONEY!!!

    Not a fan of KD but I will give him props. I would bet every dollar I have that Nike seriously “encouraged” him to wear these in the finals.

  3. I think these look sick! My concerns though, will they be stable? Sole looks a bit TOO rounded and theres no out rigger of any kind. Also no segmented sole/cushioning. The Kd 9s and 10 were both segmented. I have the 9s and thought they were a great shoe and I felt the segmented sole/cushioning helped with that. The cushioning does sound hype. Full length zoom, cant go wrong. I’ve never played in react foam but if its anything like lunarlon then I think it will be dope. But man, I know ppls think the KD 11s don’t look nice but I think they’re hot!!

  4. I want this colorway, i’m actually excited for this shoe . Not a big fan of the kd line but the cushion set up sounds amazing. Hopefully not to narrow, and the traction looks a bit suspect. Clear outsole is not something nike does particularly well.

  5. For me, I like everything in this shoe. Except that Nike should release a solid rubber outsole because I feel this will tear out quickly

  6. I hope this turns out to be the best performing KD in the line. And also, the most accessible for different foot shapes. As a wide footers, getting into the shoes has always been kinda tough, and the narrow like shape always bothered my feet. Super excited to feel the full length zoom/react combo! And the flyknit looks on point!

  7. Again the translucent outsole comes out of nowhere and this time it brings a ghastly translucent midsole with it. This is a grey and black shoe. Why impose white or clear elements out of nowhere? Putting aside that I am a fan of solid rubber (or XDR) outsoles, at least make the color jibe with the upper. Give us black or grey or charcoal or a dark color that matches the accents (e.g. if it were red or blue and matched the swooshes). I just don’t get this obsession with clear outsoles, especially where they don’t belong.

    I am looking forward to the model as a whole though. A little concerned about stability, especially coming off stuff like the AJ31 and LeBron 15 where Nike lost the “well at least it won’t be dangerous!” confidence that they once had.

  8. This shoe looks nice at least they still maintain the price tag of the Kd10 and the Flyknit looks stretchier that the kd 10

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