Under Armour Officially Introduces the M-Tag with Exclusive PE Editions

Back in November, Under Armour released the M-Tag. However, UA is officially introducing the new hoop shoe to consumers with these upcoming Player Exclusive editions.

According to Under Armour, the UA M-Tag was built for on and off the court action.

Its performance features include a compression mesh build along with a form-fitting compression upper inspired by Under Armour’s original compression shirt that put the company on the map. There’s also a compression-molded EVA foam carrier midsole (what it carries was not specified) and an aggressive traction pattern top things off for on-court use.

The UA M-Tag is currently being worn by UA athletes Josh Jackson, Dennis Smith Jr. and Will Barton. Each have their own player exclusive M-Tag in partnership with PINTRILL, an accessory brand that creates pin designs inspired by pop culture.

Josh Jackson’s M-Tag PE is inspired by his love of the finer things in life. The maroon and gold colors of the shoe draw from some of Josh’s favorite luxury brands, evidence of a man whose drip is always switched on whether he’s in the heat of a game or out on the town. PINTRILL pins decorating the shoe include the Unleash Chaos mantra and a luxurious set of shades featuring the skyline of his hometown, Detroit. A luxe shoe that effortlessly catches the eyes, made for a silky-smooth baller that elevates with ease. – UA

Dennis Smith Jr.’s M-Tag PE pays homage to the world’s largest single military installation—Fort Bragg, with over 50,000 active duty personnel—located in his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina. The metallic iron and aluminum color base is a nod to the insignia of the United States Army Special Operations Command, while the tan sole acknowledges one of the Army’s primary colors. On the tongue, a Dennis Smith insignia is directly inspired by the 82nd Airborne, one of the most recognized divisions in the world, with key roles in Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge amongst many other deployments. PINTRILL pins on the shoe include the Unleash Chaos mantra and an SR-71 Blackbird, a nod to Pope Field’s history as a former Air Force Base, now a part of Fort Bragg. – UA

Will Barton, a Baltimore native just like Under Armour, combines his love of the Orioles and Ravens into his “Charm City” M-Tag PE. Black, white, purple, yellow and orange, the shoe combines the colors of both teams into a stunningly colorful representation of Baltimore. An Unleash Chaos PINTRILL pin is combined with another, proving that birds of a feather do flock together; a pin featuring half a purple raven feather combined with an orange oriole feather. Just like the birds of Baltimore, and inspired by Will’s insane leaping ability, this shoe was built to fly.- UA

Multiple colorways of the M-Tag are available now on UA.com and the player exclusives from Josh Jackson, Dennis Smith Jr. and Will Barton will be available at UA.com, UA Brand Houses and Champs Armoury locations on December 8.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the UA M-Tag and the PE collection shown above in the comment section.

Source: Under Armour

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