Under Armour Athlete Stephen Curry Wins the 2014-15 NBA Most Valuable Player Award

He did it, Stephen Curry won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award. He put on an amazing season that will be remembered for years to come. It has truly been a pleasure to watch him go to work every night, and follow his journey to greatness. Under Armour takes the time to marvel at his accomplishments, and celebrates with new releases that honor his MVP status.

Via Press Release:

Stephen Curry’s legacy in the game is defined by an uncompromising self-belief and tireless work ethic. Time and again, he has smashed through barriers to elevate his game, and his performance this season has culminated with him receiving the 2014-15 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player Award.  

“Stephen Curry is a once-in-a-generation talent and a game-changer who is driving basketball into a new era,” said Kevin Plank, Founder and CEO, Under Armour. “He is truly an innovator on the court, and his impact off the court reaches new heights every year. As Stephen continues to defy expectations, nothing is more exciting than knowing we’ll be with him every step of the way as his performance partner.”  

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Curry’s underdog journey from overlooked son of an NBA star to becoming the league’s most “unguardable” player is well-chronicled. What the competition and fans haven’t seen is his commitment and belief in the process of getting better everyday through hard work. In the film, Russell recounts the credo of a stonecutter who hammers away at a rock, not knowing when, but believing his hammer will eventually split it open, which characterizes Curry’s path to becoming one of the game’s best.

To mark this new milestone in his journey, the brand released a short film titled “Stonecutter,” narrated by NBA legend Bill Russell, which can be viewed above.

In addition to the film, a special colorway of the Curry One basketball shoe will launch at UA.com and select retail locations in June 13, and a graphic t-shirt is available now on UA.com.

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Under Armour Athlete Stephen Curry Wins the 2014-15 NBA Most Valuable Player Award-1

Curry, widely considered to be one of the sport’s best-ever shooters, combines world-class ball handling, uncanny court vision and elite level defense to play the game in a transformative way.

Curry’s regular season accomplishments include hitting 286 three-point field goals, breaking his previous record for made three-pointers in a season, leading the league in steals and receiving the most All-Star fan votes, while helping to lead his team to a league-best 67-15 record.

For more information visit record.underarmour.com, UA.com and @underarmourbasketball.  


    1. As many people say that, I just don’t think it’s true. Opinions are opinions. But Steph had a higher PER than Harden while playing less minutes. That says alot. People think it’s all about points but it’s truly not. Steph isn’t a shooting guard, and if you watch Warriors games you can see that he makes the team better and is the reason they had the best record. The way he draws double teams, looks for teammates and helps the offense run fluidly is evident. I also can’t see Harden delivering such a heartfelt speech and resonating through people as Curry does. While Lebron and everyone else came out and congratulated Steph, Harden decided to be a sore loser about it. That doesn’t go over well with the media, and shows he’s self centered. I mean, wasn’t he the same person saying that “the team revolved around him and Dwight and everyone else were role players?” That’s not a team mindset if you ask me. Not only is Steph a phenomenal basketball player, he’s a great person. And because of that, he’s this years KIA NBA MVP.

      1. Him being a great person is irrelevant as far as the MVP award goes , this isn’t the community assist award. If curry wasn’t on the Warriors they would easily be a playoff team definitely not 1,2,3 or 4 but they would still be in the playoffs. Harden is far more valuable to Houston then curry is to golden state. The stats say that harden averaged more points , more rebounds and only .7 less assist as a shooting guard while leading a very average squad due to the several injuries to the second seed in the west. Curry playing less minutes is also irrelevant because it isn’t hardens fault he got to play less minutes because his team is better then hardens, if anything all that says is that he got far more rest than harden. Harden was also doubled far more often then curry because curry is surrounded with shooters and also had 2 players that arguably could’ve been you’re defensive player of the year.

    2. He deserved it but you know the best player on the best team gets it. I do believe Harden should get the Players choice MVP which i think matters to the players a bit more now.

  1. Stephen Curry deserved this. Not just for what he does on court but, also off court. He’s a man of great character.

  2. i think its just natural he never had to work for it. if ur dads in the nba with a great shot.. whatr the odds of his son having a great shot. cp3 or westbrook shudv got it. theyr better defenders..cp3 has better handles and westbrook has better athleticism. both r better leaders

    1. Are you kidding me? Having a good shot is not genetic. Just because someone teaches you doesnt mean you’ll naturally have a great shot. It takes an unbelievable amount of hard work to not only shoot great but to play at an elite level. People think Curry only knows how to shoot, but his passing and the way he can create for himself and others is underrated.

    2. since when has having a nba father decided anything michael jordan son splayed in college you never have heard of them have you also there is the fact that the great defender in cp3 got his ankle blown away by steph crossover and westbrook is not even in the playoffs

    3. Anish you might be the stupidest person to ever walk the earth, stop watching basketball. Switch to ping pong or something.

  3. Well that a lot of talk and discussion on who deserve it more an disagreement….

    But end of the day curry got MVP. Let’s get back to these shoes! What upper like? Leather? Wished the heel counter was matte. But these look clean! Only problem I have are the consistent white sole. Personal preference I know.

  4. Me personally, I think that Russell westbrook should of earned it, because of the statistics. He was a triple double machine, was scoring champ, and almost carried his team by himself into the playoffs. The thing is, Steph and harden were on better teams than westbrook overall.

    1. Russel jacked up a thousand shots a game and didn’t make the playoffs because he was selfish. He was surrounded with more then enough to make the playoffs but he tried to play 5 on 1 which wasn’t needed at all. If you don’t make the playoffs you definitely don’t even deserve consideration which is why he wasn’t even top 3 in votes

  5. I want to see a more detailed look of this pair. Clean, simple but a monster. Just like the MVP 🙂

  6. Definitely gonna try to cop these, if they don’t sell out first. My CFD’s are still going strong, been waiting on picking up a pair of Curry 1’s.

    1. you should really cop a pair their almost as good as the CFD although i think the CFD is just a bit better.

  7. Is this the final rendering? I have seen on some sites that the front is black/grey-ish instead of white.

    The Curry One Playoffs are limited…The Curry One MVPs are limited…I would be happy if I can just get my hands on either one.

  8. The shoes that curry used since he started with UA are very much like curry himself. Simple,Effective and most of all versatile. Every shoe curry has used can be used by any man on the floor and curry has helped every man on the floor by his amazing simple shot and his effectiveness on the floor is unmatched by any player IN THIS GENERATION. He has a natural ability to help others on the floor and he can create and make a shot unlike any player in the league. Congrats bro hope you make the finals even though my spurs lost.

  9. He’s my favourite player in the league since 2014 playoffs against San Antonio Spurs but definitly not an “elite level defense” guy.

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