The Nike LeBron 16 Low Just Got Interesting

The Nike LeBron 16 Low just got a little more interesting with this atmos ‘Safari’ edition.

We just had our first look at the upcoming Nike LeBron 16 Low, and they were met with what seemed like a 50/50 split. Some seem to like where the low LeBron model is headed while others don’t see a point to releasing a low when the Nike LeBron 16 is already a low cut.

However, it looks as if the LeBron Watch isn’t stopping with just the main LeBron signature and will be making its way to the low top rendition as well. Will we just see this one single mashup or will there be multiple? That is a question that doesn’t yet have an answer. What we do know is that this will definitely pique the interest from those that would have otherwise never paid any attention to the annual low top version of LeBron’s signature shoe.

There is no word on when the Nike LeBron 16 Low ‘Safari’ will release, but we’ll keep our eyes open for updates. In the meantime, leave your thoughts on this version of the LeBron 16 Low below in the comment section.

via J23App

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