The Air Jordan XX9 Low is a Must Cop

Cement Print midsole, gradient upper, Infrared, giant ‘2’ & ‘3’ on the heel. Holy sh*t, the Air Jordan XX9 Low just became a must cop!

This is your first look at the retail release of the XX9 Low that is due to release on December 4. Price has not yet been listed, but I’m grabbing a pair. No questions asked.

Check out the image from J23App below and share your thoughts in the comment section. The Air Jordan XX9 Low Is A Must Cop


      1. The problem is I doubt the release of these is going to stop the meme, because probably over 80% of the people who use it have no idea where it comes from.

  1. I saw these listed on the Eastbay release calendar a few weeks ago but couldn’t have imagined how they’d turn out. I can’t tell if that’s red on the tongue but they look pretty good overall. I can only imagine how hard they’ll be to actually get even though they would sell if they produced enough pairs for the masses.

    1. It is infrared on the tongue.

      I’m also a little worried about how easy they will be to get. I mean, a lot of the XX9s have sat around and even the Team Orange pair didn’t sell out entirely right away (especially in stores). Was the only one there to pick them up on release day.

  2. These will probably be priced in the 180-200 price range. I really like these and hope I can grab a pair, hopefully no selling out.

  3. not into Jordan anymore though acknowledge the performance advantage they have .. im wondering when the 30 is releasing heard before end of year?

  4. Are they way late for announcing the Jordan 30? These lows do look sick though but im wondering why its taking so long for the next shoe.

    I remember rumors that they were not gonna do the numbered series anymore but i hope thats not true

    1. Been awhile for a flagship low version.
      Nice that they have the notch padding.
      It seems to retain the performance aspects.
      Since it is a low, probably appeals to both.
      Just pricing is what is going decide the purchase for people.

    1. Where are you still finding different 29s if you don’t mind me asking? I had a pair but sold them because I kept hoping to break them in but seems like I needed to size up. Before I could get another pair, they were all sold out online. I barely see any anymore online. That would be cool to get some decent colors at a good price but I haven’t seen them lately.

        1. Thanks. It’s just that they either don’t have my size or the ones that are my size are only available in stores not close to me (Footlocker), or they’re in loud colors that I just can’t see myself wearing.

  5. Whoa indeed at the giant “2” and “3” at the heels. I feel like that’s what’s been missing from the line lately: that extra boldness in aesthetic actually drawing to MJ himself. But I get that the brand was pushing function before form.

  6. Anyone else think that this shoe is in 2k16? I think I saw a JB ambassador wear it one time, either Butler or Kawhi.

  7. $185!?!?!?! For a low-top hoops shoe?!?!?!?! As much as I like these, I’m just not willing to go that high.

    1. I agree with you, but Durant’s shoe and Kobe’s garbage trash shoes are at two bills, which is laughable to me as well, especially Kobe’s plastic sleds. There is no way in hell that his shoes should ever be at the price, especially with not even being close to leather.

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