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Puma Re-enters Basketball Market with the Clyde Court Disrupt

puma clyde court disrupt
Photo via Puma

After announcing the signings of Marvin Bagley III and Deandre Ayton — as well as Jay-Z in the creative director position — Puma has unveiled its new basketball sneaker: the Clyde Court Disrupt.

The new shoe is Puma’s first for the hardwood in over a decade and bears the name of the brand’s first signature athlete, Walt “Clyde” Frazier. And the shoe appears modern enough; it features a clean, classic design done with an engineered knit upper, embroidered Puma stripes, and an external heel counter that should help lock in the heel.

Interestingly, the Puma Clyde Court Disrupt rides atop the free-floating NRGY foam pellet cushioning system the brand introduced in the Puma Jamming. That foam is housed within a rubber cupsole for containment.

However, Nike Inc. filed a patent infringement complaint against Puma North America Inc. on May 3 alleging that the Puma Jamming infringed on Nike’s Air Sole technology. There appears to be no public resolution to that case yet.

The Puma Clyde Court Disrupt will arrive at retailers on October 1, according to Hypebeast. No price point has been announced but the shoe will be shown at an event in Brooklyn tonight.

What do you think about the Puma Clyde Court Disrupt? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

puma clyde court disrupt puma clyde court disrupt heel puma clyde court disrupt 1 puma clyde court disrupt


Images via Hypebeast

  1. looks promising, the original clyde is one of my all-time favorite silhouettes along with the suede
    that colorway is terrible though, black with a cream or tan stripe and white midsole/outsole+ gold puma branding on the back would probably get my money

  2. i also wish they used ignite rather than NRGY, NRGY just looks flashy and ‘tech’ but doesn’t feel as good, nor is it as responsive as ignite IMO
    puma just probably feel like they want to showcase their tech, wrong decision in my opinion, function should always always win out over form in performance footwear

  3. Nice design language, I wish other brands did the same on superstar/promodel/af1/blazer/……like af25 or TS promodel
    Love the upper definitely, but the middle sole look even greater: old school enough and subtly rounded for performance.
    Can’t wait for more colorways coming, Hopefully Puma do a better job in marketing. There are tons of great shoes out there but people are just after those so-so Nikes.

  4. Puma just signed Michael Porter Jr. Interesting. I am interested in this model. Just want a different colorway is all.

  5. Definite cop for me, in a different colorway of course. I agree, looks very promising.

  6. Not sure if there’s much of an outrigger, but only time will tell how well it performs overall. I probably would’ve liked the lacing to angle a bit further back.

  7. Skylar Diggins has been signed to them for a minute now. I’m sure she and various others have weartested these. It’s definitely a push in the right direction. Puma has tech people even though they have been making a living on sports that don’t require a great deal of cushion i.e. soccer and track. But if a company can excel in areas such as the aforementioned sports, which require lightweight(track and soccer) and stability (soccer) then getting the right tech around a basketball shoe shouldn’t be too hard. They are already winning on most fronts in the lifestyle division. Excited to see the translation to basketball. These are already street ready. Something UA can’t say about any of their ball kicks.

  8. COULD THEY HAVE CHOSEN A WORSE COLORWAY!!! Why do companies do this for their product reveals?

    Not liking these at all. I saw a “leak” by street8oy that looked WAY better. I actually sort of liked that pair. These look like the type of shoes you see at Famous Footwear.

    I don’t care if this had a Swoosh, Jumpman, or 3 stripes. THIS. IS. U.G.L.Y

  9. The upper lace loops are further down than the lower ones, should hopefully provide good lockdown. Cw is indeed pretty bad but that can easily be amended. Otherwise, I think these are pretty solid.

    Only suggestion is that Puma should make signatures for the athletes they signed, but idk, I guess focusing on one model could be better

  10. Plus: Clean silhouette, nod to their heritage, ambitious and committed foray into the market.

    Minus: Looks like terrible midfoot containment, colorway is hideous, overly reliant on heel counter for support (essentially no ankle support) and questionable use of lifestyle cushioning tech rather than something developed for basketball.

    We’ll see how the tech is though. I imagine they will also produce some Ignite models. Overall I am excited to have another player in the market but these are not giving too much to look forward to.

  11. This looks good once I get past the hideous cw. Its definitely lifestyle ready as well. That cushion, though, has to be good. If its just a gimmick, they might as well shelve their basketball division again.

  12. Wonder what containment features this is going to have. On first looks it seems like its pretty minimal. And considering that they’ve signed two big men its going to be interesting to see how these perform. I like the look though and I hope Puma succeeds.

  13. I’ll be shocked if this shoe performs decently. the lacing/lockdown couldnt possibly be adequate, could it? that looks like a major design flaw. midsole looks thick. expecting a clunky transition at best. I’m mostly disappointed bc Puma did what they always do and put fashion over function. I’m hoping they change it up on future releases

  14. This looks like a great start in this new age of old school-new school crossover design language that adidas has been working on. Only thing that is unsure is the traction, that might me worrisome considering there isn’t too much clear stability in the model.
    I personal like this silhouette but I want to see some more out of puma, they have to have some other models lined up for this season.

  15. I think these look great. Definitely fits that “old look meets new tech” style that brands seem to do with more of the lifestyle models than actual court performers. But I really like it! I’m hoping there’s a ton of padding for containment, the lacing system looks decent, and you can’t go wrong with the knit upper. Looking forward to seeing these in hand and trying them on. Loving that stable base (flat) and traction looks good too.

  16. I’m pretty sure the laces don’t actually disappear on the real model, every brand does this where they hide away the ends of the laces in the release photos. Literally look at the release pics of any shoe and they won’t show you where the laces go

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