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The Nike Zoom Shift Has Landed

Nike dropped the Hyper but kept the Shift. Now, a new Nike Zoom Shift is available.

Last year’s Nike Hypershift was a surprisingly nice hoop shoe that performed well on-court. We’re hoping the Nike Zoom Shift follows in its predecessors footsteps.

Sporting a slightly higher collar, the new Zoom Shift still uses a bootie construction along with a textile build. An external TPU heel counter can be seen along with a lockdown wing in the rear.

Traction looks similar to the Hypershift, but a bit more evolved. Designers widened the pegs a bit so they aren’t so compact when not in a flexing motion — the one drawback to the Hypershift’s pattern.

Nike Zoom is in place in the forefoot but we’re unsure of the type used at the moment. Hopefully we can get a pair in soon so we can find out.

You can find the Nike Zoom Shift available now in two colorways at Nike.com for $100 each.

  1. If that outsole was a little more rounded this could’ve been a forefoot zoom Kyrie(if the traction works great).

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