Nike Unveils an Air Jordan 1 Made From Recycled Flyleather

After unveiling its latest innovative material, Flyleather, Nike has applied it to several of its classic models — including the Air Jordan 1.

The Nike Flyleather Jordan 1 SE is new take on the iconic basketball sneaker; it is a limited edition of the Jordan 1 that flaunts a texture inspired by Nike’s Safari print. Notable details include a digitally printed rose gold Swoosh, metallic gold lace tips and deubrés, a Nike Flyleather logo patch, and a Swoosh-engraved metallic gold charm.

The Nike Flyleather Jordan 1 SE is constructed in Oregon just like the Air VaporMax — likely because Nike wants to keep this new material under wraps. The shoe will debut in New York during Climate Week NYC 2017, but no release date or price has been announced.

nike flyleather giveaway 1

U.S. residents can enter to win a pair of the Nike Flyleather Jordan 1 SE between now and September 30 by clicking here. Nike handcrafted 50 pairs each of five iconic silhouettes — the Air Force 1, Air Max 90, Tennis Classic, Cortez, and Jordan 1 — to give away, so enter for your chance to win.

When we have more information regarding price and release, we will update you. Would you pick up the Nike Flyleather Jordan 1 SE if it was $200?

Nike Flyleather Jordan 1 SE 2

Nike Flyleather Jordan 1 SE 1



Source: Nike

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  1. The problem I have with all sneaker-companies is that you can get good quality full-grain leather work boots(8″) for 80 bucks, yet on a sneaker, where you need much less leather, the price doubles, sometimes even triples.

    I like the environmental effort, but when sneakers hit 200+, it starts smelling like a money-grab to me.

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