Nike Unveils the 2019 Free Running Collection ft. the Nike Free RN Flyknit 3.0 and Nike Free RN 5.0

Nike officially unveils its 2019 ‘Free Running’ Collection featuring the Nike Free SN Flyknit 3.0 and Nike Free RN 5.0.

Nike’s research on barefoot running first began in 1989 but development didn’t start until the early 2000s.

Nike Running was among the first to introduce barefoot running to the platform that saw an immediate effect on both runner’s feet and the running industry.

When bare, the foot had a more natural foot strike and flexed more. Over time, runners enjoyed the benefits such as more foot flexibility, better balance and improved strength. Barefoot running isn’t for everyone, but those that do run in minimalist footwear swear by it.

Now in 2019, the Nike Free Running Collection returns to its roots, with new design elements that enable a more barefoot-like feel than previous iterations. Perfect for low mileage runs, jogging and low-mileage track workouts and even in the gym, the new Nike Free Collection should suit a wide variety of training and running needs.

The 2019 Nike Free RN Flyknit 3.0 and Nike Free RN 5.0 will be available for Nike+ members starting from March 20 and at retail beginning April 4. Retail price for the Free Rn Flyknit 3.0 is $130 while the Free Rn 5.0 is $100.

Full Tech Specs Include: 

  • The low profile midsole now features siping along the top of the midsole (in addition to the bottom) to increase dorsi and planter flex movement.
  • Siping patterns are mapped anatomically to the foot to allow the foot to transition more naturally through your stride. Varying depths in the sipes are placed where the foot naturally wants to bend and stretch to enhance the feeling of movement and to allow for more natural foot motion.
  • The offset is lower in both the Nike Free Rn Flyknit 3.0 (4mm lower) and Nike Free Rn 5.0 (2mm lower) compared to the 2018 models, which increases your connection to the ground.
  • There is increased flexibility over 2018 Nike Free models with the Nike Free Rn Flyknit 3.0 providing 37% more flexibility and Nike Free Rn 5.0, offering 26% more flexibility.
  • Nike Free is intended for lower mileage runs. Due to this lower mileage, the foam cushioning in the 2019 Nike Free midsole is firmer.

Redesigned Upper:

  • The Nike Free Rn Flyknit 3.0 features Nike Flyknit yarns and a secondary lock-down overlay for added stability in the absence of laces.
  • The Nike Free Rn 5.0 offers a stretch mesh upper that utilizes minimal construction and features a minimal lacing system to create a breathable, distraction-free fit.
  • In 2019, the Nike Free collection is built on a more anatomically shaped last than traditional models. This creates a shoe that allows your foot to move more freely, which enhances the feeling of natural movement by enabling the toes a wider range of motion.

Design Elements:

  • Nike Free is a different kind of running shoe and its form was created to highlight that function.
  • Nike Free is designed with distinct ques to help it stand apart from regular, higher mileage running shoes, and the smaller swoosh is a nod to the lower mileage intent.
  • The upper was designed to be deconstructed and minimal to enhance the natural, second skin aspect of the shoes.

via Nike


  1. These do look like they match an anatomical foot shape more than past models. Its an out of the box look but I think the right colors would do it wonders ofc

    1. Interesting that you find the look out-of-the-box when it actually reminds me of the FYW design of adidas.

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