Nike Respect The Shooter T-Shirt

I need to get one of these…

The Nike ‘Respect the Shooter’ T-Shirt is available now in three colorways and you can grab them on Eastbay.

Remember folks… leave a shooter open and live with the consequences.






  1. Don’t do it, man. You set yourself up for disaster if you find yourself being hounded by a (Tony Allen/ Mike Conley) type of gritty perimeter defender or you’re shot gets swat:(‘Respect the Shotblocker’…)

    Anyways, I think this is a real poor random graphic effort. (That Nike BBal Maze Ts was fine. Or just the simple ‘Basketball never stops.)

    That KicksonCourt T is nice though.

    1. Shame on Nike to promote a t-shirt with such a negative double meaning. A lot of these kids are in areas where a culture of youth violence glorifies guns and shooting, and this t-shirt sends the wrong message.

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