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Nike PG3 ‘NASA’ | Detailed Look and Review

The Nike PG3 in the hyped ‘NASA’ colorway is in-hand for a detailed look and review.

Three models in and it looks like Nike is up to its old trick again: charging more for less.

The Nike PG1 was a great shoe all-around, from its on-court performance to the materials used and its affordable retail price. The PG2, while not as nice from a material standpoint, were a slight upgrade in terms of tech: amount of Zoom Air and traction. However, the PG3 seems like a cheaper version of the PG2, something I wasn’t quite expecting.

Traction looks and feels like it’ll perform well, so no real worries there. But for an increased price of $120, the materials and craftsmanship are subpar compared to previous models.

Hopefully everything goes well during testing, but my first impression is a pure disappointment.

Did you buy a pair of the Nike PG3 ‘NASA’? If so, what are your thoughts and feels so far?

Stay tuned for a performance review in the coming weeks.

  1. I think the price increase on this specific pair is due to its partnership with NASA. I already played in the shoe and its a smoother, softer pg 2 with better traction. I went 1/2 size up like I did with the 1s, 2s and 2.5s. The 3s to me are the best performing of the bunch. also zero break in time.

    1. That makes sense, despite the materials not feeling worthy of the increase. Glad you’re liking the shoe so far. I don’t think I can get away with playing in these — they’re too small. Going to have to grab a different colorway in my true size.

  2. I’m sharing the size 9 struggle. Got the PG 2.5 PS in 8.5 because it was…there, and likewise I thought I could make it work. Eh, shootaround shoe at most.

    For the PG line in general, it’s been feeling like basic needs sig offering. That’s not necessarily bad, in fact it does most everything as needed, but there’s no real excitement to it. Round outsoles on the Kyrie, fat cushion on the LeBron, Flight Plate and weirdness of the Zer0.2, etc.

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